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ForexNewsNow | Published on November 17, 2010 at 3:20 am

Forex training coursesForexNewsNow – Everyone these days is getting into forex trading. The lure of making a profit by buying and selling currency online from your own home is irresistible – and with the right training, it can be a reality.

One big step you need to take is finding the right forex training program for you.

Here we will review a list of the top forex training programs online today and cover what they offer a budding forex trader.

All scores are out of a maximum score of 10.

AKFinancials – 9.0
Cost: $1495 for four months

Four-month course complete with demo trading account
Access to personal, one-on-one trading mentor
Unique simulated trading account that lets you keep a percentage of the profits without any of the losses

eToro Forex Matador – 7.5
Cost: Deposit required

Available to traders with an active account with a minimum deposit
10 courses teaching major forex concepts
Personal Coach for Gold and VIP level members – 7.0
Cost: $79.95 for 3 hours

Three-hour course: 2 video downloads with 21 sessions
Teaches how to read and analyze Fibonacci charts
Instructor is a professional forex trader
Very low cost compared to other programs

Forex Course – 6.5
Cost: $495 for full package; $349 for online package

Focuses on basics of trading market, including pivot points and interpreting historical charts
Two DVDs and 12 CDs; over 20 hours of instruction
Cost includes six months of unlimited access to and detailed 150-page workbook
Doesn’t really offer information that can’t be learned elsewhere for free

Learn-to-Trade Forex – 8.5
Cost: $99

Course consists of 7 online lessons with 60-day access and a demo account of $50,000 in virtual funds
Registration is online and offers instant access
Low cost; full 15-day refunds available
Solid customer reviews

Straight Forex – 9.0
Cost: $299 for SF Lite; $745 for SF Expanded Forex Education; $1,345 for SF Complete; $2,145 for SF Intensive Mentoring

Four different courses based on skill level (beginners through advanced)
Features individual feedback, interactive instruction, and one-on-one coaching
Features live webinars led by trading instructors
Offers forex student a lot of flexibility; spots are limited for intensive courses

Trading Academy – 8.5
Cost: $1,995 for Forex Trader Part 1 two-day course; $2,995 for FT Part 2 four-day course

One of few online schools to incorporate physical, in-class instruction
Costs range depending on the course
Forex Trader teaches fundamental forex concepts with one-on-one instruction
Graduate courses taught using the Extended Learning Track environment (XLT) that lasts four months and costs $6,000 for first 3 months and $500/month after

Utpforex – 9.0
Cost: Varies based on level

Four-phase course with CDs, manuals, and real-life instruction
Phase One involves Home Study Forex Courses; Phase Two involves Online Virtual Courses; Phase Three involves Online Forex Mentoring; and Phase Four involves a two-day on-site class that serves as a capstone
Highly comprehensive package that features multiple levels and formats to better instruct forex concepts

As you can see, there are a ton of possibilities out there for forex training and education.  No program is perfect for everyone; what works best for you may not be best for others.  That’s why it’s recommended to try out these programs and see what fits you. Most – if not all – have free courses online you can sample, and some even offer limited trial editions.

The bottom line is this: If you want to get in on one of the fastest-growing trends online today – forex trading – these programs can help you get started and excel.

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