TradingFloor: SaxoBank’s Online Trading Community

ForexNewsNow | Published on September 23, 2012 at 7:19 am

ForexNewsNow – TradingFloor is a community website dedicated to online traders and is maintained by the online broker SaxoBank. SaxoBank has opened this new website to give traders the opportunity to hang around and exchange information with each other regarding the latest happenings in the online trading business.

TradingFloor – Newest SaxoBank Addition

Trading floor is an excellent place for both new and experienced online traders to hang around. Traders don’t necessarily have to be clients of SaxoBank in order to profit from the vast range of info and advices offered by the website.

The website’s main purpose is to provide high-quality information to readers regarding the latest changes and happenings in the trading business. The website has several high-profile authors that regularly post new and highly detailed coverages about the industry.

The authors on the website post updates and editorials both in written and video format. Traders will have the possibility to follow the latest posts through tools such as RSS feed, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google+.

These authors come from various high-profile industries and have several specializations such as macroeconomics, chartings, journalism, trading, analytics and much more. Visitors may also apply to become editors at the website if they can prove that they are highly experienced in the business.

TradingFloor Tools

The second biggest aspect of the website is the large selection of tools available that will help traders in making better decisions. The tools offered can be fully exploited only if visitors decide to register at the TradingFloor website. This however is a very short and simple process.

The first tool is the financial calendar that offers traders financial info in real time in order to help them take the best decisions. The data provided is offered in real time for registered members but comes with a delay of 2 minutes for regular visitors.

Various technical charts are also offered that will allow traders to study the latest market developments. An FX open positions tool will also provide snapshots of Saxo Bank’s clients’ FX open positions. The Forex correlation tool will show traders the daily correlations between exposure and price for major currency pairs.

Yet another tool is the FX open order that will give a picture of Saxo Bank’s open orders for each major currency pair. This is complemented with a stock screener tool that will allow traders to screen more than 11,000 international companies according to four criteria.

The last two tools are the FX options analytics that an evaluate retail positioning, vols, reversals and risks.

Educational Material

The website also offers and extremely large selection of educational material that will help newcomers to understand the online trading business. There are various PDF tutorials available that can be accessed at any moment as well as mentor videos that are very useful and exciting to watch.

Traders will also have the possibility to get in touch with professionals and editors working at the site and ask them different questions regarding the industry. All in all, the tutorials cover the whole market and are a great help for newcomers to quickly begin making profits in the trading business.

Using the services provided by TradingFloor and becoming member of the community is recommended to both new and old traders alike.



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