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ForexNewsNow | Published on January 9, 2017 at 3:20 pm

As the official statistics shows, millennials are not interested in the classical casino gambling, e.g. slots. With their conservative attitude to spending, millennials mostly dislike games where one can win by chance. Thus, by far the best option for millennials is the eSports betting. According to the 2016 Nielsen eSports report, 61% of eSports fans are millennials.

Why millennials prefer eSports?

Wagering on the competitive video gaming is something that millennials consider worthwhile. Many of them are permanent clients of top eSports betting websites and place their bets on a regular basis.

First of all, the randomness of traditional casino gaming products seems to be very boring for this generation. In other words, millennials demand the skill games like poker, DFS and eSports. There must be motivation to learn how to grasp all the aspects of the game. Likewise, by gaining more experience and knowledge, the player increases the probability of being successful in the long run. Overall, millennials go for the games where their input can pay off positively.

Secondly, millennials represent a generation that has grown on the video games. That is why betting on the industry that they know and understand may represent quite a lucrative opportunity.

eSports betting options for millennials

Wagering on eSports is no longer considered to be an exotic pastime. Most of eSports betting operators, including large eSportsbooks, grant a high degree of flexibility to the client.

Millennials can place bets on multiple titles such as Dota 2, League of Legends, CS:GO, SCII, HOTS, Smite, Hearthstone, WoT, Overwatch and so on. When signing up on the eSports betting site, the punter will usually be granted a nice bonus to start with. Promotions help to receive additional capital either for free or by making the first real money deposit.

Top eSports betting bookmakers like Betway, Pinnacle and Bet365 provide the player with all the bet types. It is possible to place wagers on the outcome of the single match, predict the winner of the tournament, bet on how far the team will advance in the tournament etc. eSports betting is versatile, which means that the bettor can wager in any preferable way. Essentially, eSports betting allows the player to apply his analytical skills and profit from that in the end.

Can eSports betting operators be trusted?

eSports betting sites that we promote are fully legitimate businesses. The operators have obtained all the reputable licenses. This means that the punter will always have the access to his well-deserved earnings.

The main idea behind eSports bets vs such financial gambling as binary options is that the new generation is more likely to engage in the first one due to its understanding.



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