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HFTrading Review – can this broker be trusted?

HFTrading Review – can this broker be trusted?

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The online trading industry is full of Forex brokers with distinctive services and product offerings to their customers. And because of such an abundance of service providers, it can get incredibly difficult to actually choose one.

That’s because trading Forex online is associated with lots of challenges and undertakings itself. And having to worry about the broker too just isn’t right – the fear of being scammed will invariably have a bad effect on one’s trading ventures.

And while finding the right broker is challenging, it doesn’t necessarily imply that the task is impossible. Not at all! There are some credible brokers with not-too-boosted offerings that can actually benefit you in many ways.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the HFTrading Forex broker and see, whether its products and services are as good as they’re promised or we’re looking at just another scam on the internet.

Initial HFTrading opinion

Slender website

When looking at a certain broker, or, more accurately – looking at their website, the interface can reveal a lot of small details that will give you an idea of what the broker is all about. For example, take a look at HFTrading’s website: it’s a slender, simplistic, not overly complicated interface where traders can easily go to and find any piece of information about the broker.

And beyond looks and designs, the broker doesn’t seem to be failing to make a good impression on us once more. And here’s why: HFTrading offers two types of accounts that are similar in a lot of ways, but also different in some aspects. The difference between the two is the software that they’re using – MetaTrader 4 and WebTrader, both of which have their own users.

But there’s yet another account type which makes it easier for beginner traders to get more real-time experience in trading. It’s called a demo account and we’ll check it out in detail down below.

Sound regulations

The next important thing to look for is the regulatory measures. While we already established the fact that a website can say a lot about its issuer, the license that it holds can say even more – and hint to even more important hidden aspects.

HFTrading has three different regulatory obligations to Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Their ASIC (AU), FMA (NZ), and FCA (UJ) licenses are making sure that the broker complies with the highest financial and customer standards that are out there on the market. And the economic and political prowess of these countries makes it sure that if something’s not right, the broker won’t get away with it.

Is HFTrading legit for its promotions?

Then there comes the trading terms and conditions. As mentioned in the introduction section, the internet is full of brokers with bloated offerings in leverages, spreads, and bonuses. But many of them are so blatant that it’s impossible not to suspect anything.

With HFTrading promotions, however, that’s not the case at all. And the reason is simple: the offerings are quite down-to-earth and modest such as 100:1 leverage ratio – nothing too much but certainly not low!

When it comes to the deposits and withdrawals, the broker doesn’t blind its customers with flashy platforms like Skrill and Bitcoin – which supposedly should be safe and secure but it really isn’t. HFTrading goes with the safe and well-tested payment methods like credit cards and bank wire which are quite flexible in terms of how much money they allow to withdraw and deposit from/on the account.

And finally, we have a bonus system that makes trading even more exciting for HFTrading users. HFTrading has a Refer-a-Friend bonus that gives new users a $100 reward once they open up a live account and make a deposit of $250. Not only that, when they generate a certain amount of trading volume, their referrer will get a $200 bonus from the broker.

HFTrading.com review

After a brief overview of all the important aspects of the broker, it’s now time to move to a more detailed review that will reveal more details and based on them, will help you decide the creditworthiness of HFTrading. So, what do we know about the website? We know that it has a very simplistic build that doesn’t burden the viewers with unnecessary visual effects and decorations.

On top of that, simplicity doesn’t lead to the sacrifice of the informational side of the website. Traders can easily find any piece of information that they’re looking for in just a couple of mouse clicks. Such a balance of simplicity and sophistication tells a lot about the professionalism of the broker.

But the website also speaks about HFTrading’s dedication to its customers. As mentioned earlier, there are two regular account types – HFTrading and HFTrading + MT4, and one of the main differences between the two is the trading software they’re using. For instance, the HFTrading MT4 uses MetaTrader, as the name suggests, while the regular account uses WebTrader.

But as we mentioned above, there’s actually the third account called a demo account that is a great addition for the beginner traders. Basically, a demo account allows the traders to use all the tools like leverages, spreads, charts, and statistics, do actual trades and see how trading works in real life. It’s very beneficial because demo accounts don’t require deposits of any amount – everything stays in the virtual world.

HFTrading FX brokerage licensing

Let’s now move to probably the most important part of this review – at least the one that will give us the overall impression of the broker’s credibility – licensing. As mentioned earlier, HFTrading has three different regulatory commitments with three countries.

The first country in this list is Australia with its ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission). Australia is one of the most active regulators of financial activities in the world, be it gambling, trading, or anything else. And while some people would suggest that the HFTrading fraud is real because the Australian government lacks the initiative to actually hold its subjects to the higher standards, the reality suggests otherwise: the ASIC license is a legit, creditworthy piece that actually has the power to oversee HFTrading’s activities.

Then there are slightly less active – but certainly not less powerful – licenses of FMA and FCA. The FMA license is issued by New Zealand’s Financial Markets Authority. Again, some people might get the impression that because New Zealand is a small island, it has no power to control its subjects. But the country is actually pretty vigorous in its financial regulations, making it incredibly difficult for the companies to abuse their power.

And as for the FCA license, its issuer is the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority. Now this time, there’s hardly anyone who can say that the UK cannot oversee its subjects’ activities because it’s rightly considered one of the most powerful countries in the world. But it’s slightly less active for HFTrading because only the HFTrading Limited is licensed by the FMA. But still, since the broker has a branch in the country, it’s not so difficult to deduce its credibility.

What do the trading terms and conditions look like?

Last, but not least, let’s talk about the trading terms and conditions because they’re the ones traders are most interested in. As we’ve mentioned earlier, HFTrading doesn’t blatantly flash its trading promotions and try to trick potential customers. No, the numbers and services look as real as it gets.

So, the first indicator to take a look is the maximum leverage. The broker offers a 100:1 leverage rate that stays the same for both account types. What leverage does is it multiplies the current deposits by the number indicated in the ratio. So, if a trader deposits $200, the broker will make that into a $20,000 deposit so that they can generate more trading volumes, as well as profits. And what’s great about the 100:1 leverage is that it’s nither too high nor too low – right in the sweet spot.

Next up, spreads. Spread is a difference between the selling and buying prices of currency pairs. For instance, if a trader buys a EUR/USD currency pair for 1.2489 and sells it for 1.2387, the difference of 0.0002 will be a spread of 2 pips. Spreads are what generate profits for brokers. And HFTrading offers it as low as 0.8 pips which is sufficient to make a decent profit.

Then comes the minimum deposit requirement. But there’s not much to talk about it, actually, because there’s no requirement for it. Traders can open their accounts in any size they want. This allows them to minimize the risks by depositing smaller amounts and kickstart their trading careers, as well as maximize the profits by depositing higher amounts.

And don’t forget the HFTrading bonus that is there to make Forex trading even more exciting. The bonus is called Refer-a-Friend, under which the referred friends will get a $100 bonus on their account once they open a live trading account on HFTrading’s platform and deposit $250 for the first time. Not only that, once these referees generate $90 million of trading volume in 90 days – which might seem a lot but with leverage, it’s much easier, their referrer will get a $200 bonus from the broker.

Finally, the deposit and withdrawal platforms are also quite sophisticated. The broker uses two platforms – credit cards and bank wire – to power the transactions in its system and both of them have no minimum deposit requirements. With credit cards, users can deposit as much as 15,000 currency units per day with a commission of 2.5%. As for withdrawals, traders can get 25,000 currency units from their accounts in a day without commissions.

On the other hand, bank wire transfers are much more flexible as they have no deposit or withdrawal restrictions. Besides, there are no commissions for either deposits or withdrawals using this method.

Final HFTrading rating

There are two types of Forex brokers on the market: those whom one can trust and those who should be avoided at the sight of them. The internet is full of both types of brokers and while the second type might seem more on the balance sheet, it’s not necessarily difficult to detect the former types. It just takes a bit more research into their offerings.

In this HFTrading review, we examined all the crucial services and products put forward by the broker. First, we looked at the website and deduced that it’s a slender and simplistic interface that doesn’t sacrifice the informative side of it. We also found out that there are three types of accounts – two standard and one demo – which tackle the majority of consumers without too much effort.

Then we moved to the licensing part. The ASIC, FMA, and FCA licenses further enforced our opinion that the HFTrading broker is legitimate. There’s just no way the broker can engage in illicit activities and not be reprimanded by Australia, New Zealand, or the UK.

Lastly, we checked out the trading terms and conditions. And with 100:1 leverage, 0.8 pips, no minimum deposit requirements, and Refer-a-Friend bonus, we came to the conclusion that HFTrading has a decent trading platform that won’t leave the majority of traders unhappy.

All in all, HFTrading is a creditworthy entity that is worth checking out. We give it a 4.35/5 rating.

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