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PrimeFin review – One of the best FX brokers on the market

PrimeFin review – One of the best FX brokers on the market

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Forex trading has always been something that people were interested in. Over the years, it has changed and developed a lot, and now, it can be used by anyone around the world. The old days when the only way you could participate in this market was to call the brokerage directly and ask them to make movies for you are all gone, today, people of all backgrounds have the opportunity to influence this market.

There are many Forex brokers on the market, but it is very hard for investors to understand which ones should they trust more, and which once should they avoid. Every day, new brokers are coming to the market, offering traders opportunities like no other. One of the newest FX brokers on the market is the PrimeFin, which was just recently created. Many people have this misconception that newly established FX brokers are not able to offer good services to traders, however, brokers like PrimeFin prove these people to be wrong.

Today, we are going to review PrimeFin, a broker that has proved to everyone that although it might be new to the market, it offers services that are very hard to deny. With more than 350 available trading instruments, low spreads, and non-existent commissions, this Forex broker offers investors amazing opportunities. So, if you want to learn more about everything that this broker offers, follow our very detailed review and start trading with PrimeFin FX broker today.

PrimeFin review FX broker

Regulatory framework of PrimeFin FX broker

In the world of Forex, safety and security are of utmost importance. There are many people who believe that regulations do not mean anything at all and even without them, trading Forex can be enjoyable. However, because of the fact that the Forex trading market has developed at such a fast pace, many people used this opportunity to create scam companies to lie to people and get their funds illegally.

Today, there are many scam companies online that are doing their best to lie to people, and they are doing so very successfully. One thing that can really make a change is the regulatory framework. If you trust a company that follows very strict regulatory guidelines, you have a lot bigger chance of staying safe.

Our review of PrimeFin shows that this broker is regulated by the Labuan Financial Services Authority, which is the main regulatory body of Malaysia. This regulatory agency has had some problems over the years, however, with hard work and dedication, it was able to overcome the challenges, and today, LFSA offers a very safe and secure atmosphere to investors.

Thanks to the regulatory framework that this broker follows, it is required to do everything in its power to make sure that everyone stays safe. LFSA requires this broker to maintain a minimum capital, and it also keeps the funds of its clients on segregated bank accounts. This is a very important thing for the safety of your funds, because, thanks to this, no matter what goes wrong, even if the broker goes bankrupt, you will be able to still have access to your funds.

This Forex broker keeps the funds of its clients with some of the best banks on the market. Also, it has noted several times that the broker mostly focuses on the market of Asia, however, it is also working very hard to get international exposure in the near future.

Trading platforms of PrimeFin

While trading Forex, you need to be sure that the broker that you are using offers a trading platform that can help you out a lot while trading. Our review of the PrimeFin broker shows that this company offers a very well-developed and useful WebTrader. This platform was developed with the help of a very famous Russian company called MetaQuotes, which has created many trading platforms, such as, MetaTrader 4, which is very popular around the world.

With the help of this trading platform, you will be able to very easily enjoy trading without having to download additional applications to your computer. WebTrader is fully browser-based, which means that it can be used very easily by any investor without much to do.

WebTrader offers access to a huge trading market, which can be very much enjoyed by investors. This trading platform is used by many people because of the benefits that it offers and it is very user-friendly. With the help of tens of different tools, it can be used by anyone very easily.

Mobile trading at PrimeFin

The Forex trading market has always been very active with developments around the world. Around the world, more people than ever are getting interested in this market, and to make it more accessible, FX brokers are trying to come up with new ideas. Our PrimeFin FX broker review shows that this company offers its clients the ability to trade Forex with mobile devices, which gives them the ability to invest in the market no matter where they are.

Since this company is mostly focused on the region of Asia, it is a very good thing that it offers mobile trading. Not a lot of people in the region have PCs, however, a huge number of them have smartphones. The application created by this broker is very user-friendly and can be used by anyone very easily. It works on both, Android and iOS devices and can be sued by even beginners very easily.

Mobile Trading PrimeFin review

Trading assets available at PrimeFin

This Forex broker offers access to a huge trading market, with more than 350 available instruments, investors have the ability to find something that they can very much enjoy ta this Forex broker. This is a very great offering because the world of Forex is full of investors who are looking forward to diversifying their portfolios. You can do so by using trading instruments, such as:

  • Currency pairs
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Stocks
  • Precious Metals
  • Indices
  • Commodities

Below, we will discuss every single one of the available trading assets, to help you out in finding the one that works best for you.

Currency trading at PrimeFin

In the world of investment, one of the most popular markets is Forex trading. There are many people who love and enjoy trading currency pairs on the market, and the number of them is increasing every moment.  According to official data from 2019, the average daily turnover of the Forex trading market was as much as $5.1 trillion, which is a huge number and shows exactly how popular FX trading really is.

At this Forex broker, investors have the ability to trade more than 40 currency pairs and enjoy very low spreads and non-existent commissions. The Forex trading market at PrimeFin is very diverse and many investors love this broker because of the amazing offerings that it has for Forex traders.

The leverage for FX trading is very high as our PrimeFin review shows, and depending on your trading account, it can get as high as 1:400. This is a huge number, and although many investors will love it, we believe that it is something that should be avoided if you are not sure about your trading skills.

High leverage is something that was mostly created for the most experienced Forex traders, and if you do not know exactly what you are doing and you are not sure in your skills, you should avoid using it since it can end up costing you a lot of money. However, thanks to the negative balance protection offered by the broker, you can still stay safe. With this protection, you can be sure that no matter what happens, you will not be able to lose more money than you already have on your trading account.

Crypto trading at PrimeFin

Cryptocurrencies are something that has changed the whole world very much in recent years. They came with a huge storm, and many people enjoy using them for everyday trading a lot. At this Forex broker, you can trade many very popular cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and many others.

Also, with the help fo the CFDs, you do not have to directly trade the cryptos, you can do so by speculating on the price changes of the cryptocurrencies. This can be done very easily by any investor using the services of the PrimeFin. The world of Forex is known around the world for being very active with the developments of the modern tech, and it is not a surprise that this FX broker is offering such amazing services for crypto traders. While trading cryptocurrencies with PrimeFin, you will have the ability to do so without having to pay any money on commissions, and the spreads are also very low and competitive on the market.

Stocks trading at PrimeFin

Trading of stocks has always been a massive business across the globe. The team behind PrimeFin understands that very well and wants to make sure that the people who enjoy participating in this very competitive and famous market are not going to reject trading with this broker. You can exchange stocks of companies such as Facebook, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and many others. Trading stocks is very popular and this broker is doing everything to make sure that investors are offered something that they will like a lot.

Precious Metals trading at PrimeFin

Trading precious metals is something that is loved by many around the world. The main reason behind its popularity is the stability that it offers to investors. Precious metals, especially gold, are well-known around the world for the stability of prices that it offers to investors.

Trading metals is a great choice for investors who are looking for long-term investment because of such stability. In the world of finance, precious metals are known for their ‘safe-haven’ status, particularly gold. This means that even during the world’s worst times, the prices of these precious metals rarely decrease, and what’s more, their prices are more likely to rise in times of uncertainty.

Indices trading at PrimeFin

Our review of PrimeFin shows that trading indices with this broker are very popular. Indices are recognized internationally for their ability to reflect the economic outlook for certain industries or even nations, and are used internationally as the key economic indicators and, as a result, they are super popular in the world of Forex.

The main reason behind the popularity of indices is that they are creating a more stable asset by collecting hundreds of publicly traded companies’ stocks, especially compared to a single stock on its own. The spreads are very low for indices trading at PrimeFin, while there are no payment fees.

Commodities trading at PrimeFin

Commodities are something that always been a huge part of our everyday lives. For a very long time, people have been using commodities around the world very actively. There are two major types of commodities in the world of Forex:

  • Hard commodities
  • Soft commodities

Both of these ones are very different from each other. Hard commodities are those like gold, silver, crude oil, etc. Soft commodities are the ones that are a result of agricultural activities, such as wheat, flour, etc. You can trade both of the type of commodities at this Forex broker right now. The spreads for commodity trading is very low at PrimeFin, and there are no commissions for payments made on this FX broker.

What should you do to start trading at PrimeFin?

If you wish to start trading at this Forex broker, there are a few steps that you will need to take. First of all, you need to understand what it is that you are looking for in the world of Forex. This Forex broker is working very hard to meet the demand of the investors on the market, and as our review of PrimeFin shows, there are three major account types available for investors:

  • Silver Account
  • Gold Account
  • Platinum Account

These three account types are very different from another one another, and they are created so that every single user of the broker can find something that they can enjoy and like. All of them have fairly different offerings and can be very rewarding for investors of this Forex broker. Below, we will discuss these three account types in more detail.

PrimeFin account types review

Silver Account

If you are still not confident while trading Forex, this form of account will work perfectly for you. This type of account will provide novice FX traders with perfect services. For investors using a silver account, the leverage is 1:100, which is not that high, but it should also be used with a lot of caution. A dedicated account manager, personalized investment news, and many more will also be provided to you. Also, for those using this account type, there are more than 40 currency pairs available.

Gold Account

For those searching for more opportunities in the world of Forex, the Gold Account is a very good option. In addition to all that silver account users can enjoy, free VPS, swap promotions, and several other exclusive services are provided by the gold account. For those investors who have already learned a lot in the Forex world and are looking for some new deals, this account form is a perfect offering.

Platinum Account

This account provides investors exclusive programs and amazing offerings. With the opportunity to trade with really high leverage to trade Forex, you will be able to get massive amounts of turnovers. You should note, however, that it is not something that should be used by beginners, as it is linked to a huge danger. This can have really bad implications for you if you do not have much experience in the forex trading industry. This account was designed for Forex traders who have a lot of experience in the wolrd of Forex.

Demo Account

The demo account of this Forex broker is a perfect way for investors to learn more about trading and the broker itself as well. Many people have this misconception that this account was created only for those who are new to the market and still have a lot to learn about Forex trading, but as our review of PrimeFin shows, this account can be used by even the most experienced Forex traders on the market.

The demo account offers investors identical experience of what they would get on the live trading account. Thanks to this, not only will they be able to learn more about Forex trading, but they will also be able to get to know with the trading platform and everything that goes into it. They will also have the ability to try out different tactics and strategies for Forex trading and come up with new ways to invest in this market.

This account type is a perfect choice for investors who plan to learn more about this market and come up with new ideas for trading.

How to create a trading account?

The process of creating a live account with this broker is very easy. However, there are several steps that you will have to follow. First of all, you will have to provide your personal information, such as name, last name, and phone number. Also, the broker follows the KYC policy, which means that it makes sure to do everything to keep their clients safe.

Because of this policy, investors will have to follow a quick verifying process, where they will have to provide personal documents to verify their identity. This document can be ID, driver’s license, Passport, etc.

Deposit funds on your live account

Once you have chosen which account type works better for you and you are done with creating it, it is time for you to make your first deposits. There are several ways that you can deposit funds on your live trading account, it includes more traditional ways of payments, like bank transfers and credit/debit cards, and more modern payment methods like online payment solutions: Skrill, Neteller, and others.

Since there are so many payment methods available at this Forex broker, it will be very easy for investors to find something that they can use. Also, the greatest thing is that you can make deposits without paying anything for fees and commissions. This is a great offering for every Forex investor since you will be left with more money for trading.

However, we would recommend checking the information regarding the fees with your payment provider to make sure that there are no commissions or fees charged from their part.

PrimeFin payment methods review

Educational material of PrimeFin

Educational material at this Forex broker is very useful and it offers a very good insight into everything that this market offers. If you are new to Forex trading, this educational material will be very helpful for you. In the world of Forex, education is very important, it makes everything a lot easier for investors. The more you know about this market, the easier it is for you to invest. So, if you want to start trading with this Forex broker, make sure to use everything that it offers in this regard.

The Forex broker offers several different types of educational material, such as webinars, e-books, videos, and many others. The broker works with the top investors on the market to come up with the videos that it offers to investors. The videos are full of detailed information about Forex trading and there are many tips from the top Forex traders around the world that can be used by investors.

Many people think that educational material is something that is created for newcomers only, however, our review of PrimeFin shows that there are a lot of things in the educational material that can be used very actively by even the most experienced FX traders. For example, the broker offers news pieces and analytical articles about the ongoing events on the market, which can be very useful and helpful for traders around the world.

The Website of the broker – is it any good?

While working on this review, we made sure to focus on every little detail about the broker. One thing that we were very glad to see was that the website of the company looks very good. The website has many pages created so that investors can find something that they need very easily.

The website of the Forex broker is very user-friendly and is full of very important information about Forex trading. We were very glad to see that the broker is working very hard to create a platform that could be used by even the least experienced investors and it is working very hard to create a platform that will welcome any type of investor.

Customer support team – how to contact them

While trading Forex, you need to be sure that as a trader, you have the ability to connect with the customer support team whenever you need any type of help. While reviewing PrimeFin Forex broker, we focused on the customer support team a lot, and we were able to find out that there are three options that investors have to contact the customer support team:

  • Special mobile phone number, depending on your region
  • Email – support@primefin.com
  • Live Chat

We tried out all of the available options. First, we called the broker and asked them questions that we had. It took about 3-5 minutes for them to answer us, and they were very helpful. Then, we used the email option, which took a little over 20 minutes, however, the answer that we got was very detailed and helpful. For live chat, we believe it is the fastest way to get help. The live chat can be accessed from any page on the website, and it takes less than a minute for them to answer. All-in-all, the customer support team of the broker is among some of the best ones on the market.

Can PrimeFin FX broker be trusted in the end?

After working on this very detailed review of the PrimeFin broker, we found that this represents one of the best Forex brokers on the market. This company offers more than 350 trading instruments, three different trading accounts, some of the most well-developed trading platforms, and many other benefits to Forex traders using its services.

We believe that this Forex broker is one of the best ones on the market and should be used and trusted by any FX trader. So, if you are still looking for a place to start trading, we recommend this Forex broker. Do not hesitate and start trading with PrimeFin FX broker now!

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