Barcelona Trading Conference 2019

Barcelona Trading Conference 2019









The Barcelona Trading Conference (aka BTC) is where the crypto trading community gathers. With an eye on the visionary and another on the vast promise of digital assets, the BTC is connecting the world of crypto.

Barcelona Trading Conference, (conveniently named BTC), is a new type of Cryptocurrency event. Thousands of cryptocurrency enthusiasts will be welcomed at the conference to hear industry influencers talk about the most relevant topics for digital assets. The conference will include high ranking representatives of various financial companies, mostly cryptocurrency related ones.

Some of the most important topics to be discussed will be the state of stablecoins in 2019 and the general state of affairs with Institutional Clients in terms of the Blockchain technology. The conference will also feature an exhibition, where attendees will be able to interact with various companies, find out upcoming events, and maybe do a bit of networking as well.

The Conference will be held on July 10th and will go on for two days in Barcelona, Spain.