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Cryptocurrencies educational course for beginners

Cryptocurrencies have taken the world by storm these last few years. The new technology that was virtually unknown to the world only a couple of years back has become a household name. This fame was mostly motivated by the skyrocketing prices which didn’t fail to attract the attention of even the least enthusiastic investors. Everyone wanted to become involved with cryptocurrencies in some capacity but few had the true understanding of the assets they were about to purchase and trade. ForexNewsNow team has developed cryptocurrencies education course that will introduce the readers to the major cryptocurrencies on the market and shed some light on the trading strategies. It is important to be familiar with the basics of the individual cryptocurrencies and to receive a basic cryptocurrency and blockchain education as all cryptocurrencies serve a different purpose and might fit the needs of different types of investors. Furthermore, being more familiar with the background of each coin will help the investors assess the potential of each one and judge the future prospects accordingly. Continue reading our crypto education website if you are interested in cryptocurrency executive education and want to be successful in the new world that is being born in front of our eyes.

Bitcoin crypto education

Even if you can’t name any other cryptocurrency, you will have definitely heard about Bitcoin. It is the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, the name of which has become synonymous with the technology for many people. If you want to learn more about what Bitcoin is, you should definitely check out our guide to the cryptocurrency. We have also prepared a Bitcoin CFDs trading guide for those who are interesting in becoming involved with the cryptocurrency.

Moving on to the second largest cryptocurrency by valuation as of December 2018, we have prepared a guide to Ethereum as well.

A guide to Ethereum

Ethereum is relatively new compared to its more popular alternative. Nevertheless, it has managed to establish itself as the cryptocurrency of the future. Ethereum has a huge potential when it comes to the adoption of the platform. This potential is motivated by its technological features which are described in detail in this Ethereum cryptocurrency education page. Our page on how to trade Ethereum CFDs offers some guidance to the trading process as well.

Introduction to Ripple

While the idea behind cryptocurrencies is decentralization, not all platforms offer an equal level of decentralization. Some are fully decentralized while others still put control over the network into the hands of a select few members. Ripple belongs to the latter category. If you want to find out more about what advantages and disadvantages this brings to the platform, you should check out our educational page on Ripple. Take a look at our Ripple CFDs trading page for more information on trading.

What is Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to launch successfully, which, although advantageous for the platform, meant that it didn’t have the luxury to study other platforms and improve on the deficiencies. Bitcoin Cash, on the other hand, targeted a specific shortcoming of the Bitcoin platform and offered an improved solution. Check out our Bitcoin Cash educational page offering a background and technical description to find out what that solution was. You can also take a look at the Bitcoin Cash CFDs trading guide if you decide to become involved with the cryptocurrency.

The blockchain technology has been often compared to the internet with its transformative power. Nevertheless, some platforms explore the wide range of capabilities offered by the technology in more depth than the others.

EOS cryptocurrency education page

EOS.IO, a platform that hosts the native cryptocurrency EOS, offers advanced functionality and the means to build decentralized applications. The platform thus takes a more futuristic approach with the technology and is often described as a platform with a big potential. To find out in more detail about the technical specifications of the platform and what exactly it offers, check out our page on EOS. For trading information, check out ‘how to trade EOS CFDs’.

What is Litecoin and how does it differ from Bitcoin?

The scalability issues of Bitcoin which hindered fast processing of transactions have given rise to multiple altcoins. Litecoin is one of the first of such altcoins. It has addressed the scalability issues through various options and has managed to offer a platform that generates blocks a lot faster. Our educational page on Litecoin offers a look at these improvements in more detail and our page on how to trade Litecoin CFDs will shed light on the trading process.

Introduction to Stellar

Some cryptocurrencies take on a more social purpose than others. While the whole idea of blockchain is based on equal access and decentralization, cryptocurrencies like Stellar bring the social function of the technology really into the forefront. Stellar aims to improve access to the financial services of the underbanked in developing countries. It manages this through some technical solutions which are described in detail in our article on Stellar. If you are interested in trading Stellar, check out our cryptocurrency trading education page on how to trade Stellar CFDs.

Now we move on to a cryptocurrency that has taken on the issue of volatility in these assets and has thus created a completely new type of cryptocurrency.

Background on Tether

Stablecoins are a whole other classification of cryptocurrencies and as the name suggests, they offer stability. Volatility has been a primary issue of cryptocurrencies which has hindered these assets to become adapted and to be viewed as a legitimate means of transaction. Tether has found a way around the issue by linking the value of each coin to a more stable asset like US Dollar. This way, the price of a single coin remains relatively fixed compared to the fiat currency. Check out our cryptocurrency education course on Tether to find out more. We have also prepared a guide on how to trade Tether CFDs.

More information on Cardano

While Ethereum might be considered the biggest representative of blockchain 2.0, there are other platforms that allow smart contract functionality and are also very successful. Cardano, which hosts a native cryptocurrency ADA is one of such platforms. It is focused on allowing network participants to build decentralized applications on its platform. The management structure of Cardano, as well as some technical specifications, differs from those of the other platforms. These differences along with more background on the cryptocurrency are described in our Cardano educational page. Check out our page on how to trade Cardano CFDs to find out more about the trading process.

With the open-source, decentralized platforms one of the biggest advantages is the transparency in the system. On most major blockchains, any network member can view the complete list of transactions with full transparency. While this idea is appealing for many individuals, it also has its disadvantages. Now we move on to a cryptocurrency that is offering enhanced privacy on its blockchain.

Monero – cryptocurrency guide

Monero has tackled the issue of privacy on the blockchain platforms. It offers solutions that hide the identity of the sender, the recipient and the amount of the transaction. If you are interested in finding out how it achieves these results and what controversies Monero’s solutions has created, check out our educational page on Monero. Take a look at our Monero CFDs trading page if you are interested in trading Monero.

Background and information on TRON

Some platforms take on a more specific purpose. The blockchain technology allows a wide array of functionality but for some reason, most major networks seem to be focused on financial services and transactions. TRON takes a different approach and offers a platform for the distribution of entertainment content. Because of the ability of the blockchain technology to eliminate the need of middlemen in such transactions, the new technology is a perfect fit for such service. Find out more about TRON on our TRON educational page.

IOTA cryptocurrency guide

While many cryptocurrency platforms have taken on the issue of scalability, some have been more successful in achieving the goals than others. IOTA is a perfect example of how a platform can handle these issues. It uses a slightly different blockchain to offer the network participants free transactions regardless of the size of the funds transferred. Furthermore, the system can handle any number of transactions in a given period of time, which means less waiting time for confirmation. Our IOTA educational page describes this solution in more detail.

The decentralization of blockchain is its greatest asset but it is also the source of some of its shortcomings. For example, in a decentralized environment, there is no decision-making authority which can guide the platform in the right direction. This gives rise to inflexibility issues which make it hard to adapt to the changing regulatory environment.

DASH information and background

DASH was born as a fork of the Bitcoin network and has adopted a novel approach to how blockchains operate. With the introduction of ‘masternodes’ the platform is able to adapt to the changing needs in a more fast and efficient manner. For a detailed description of these solutions check out our page on DASH.

Binance Coin description

With the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies, providers of associated services have also seen increasing success. Cryptocurrency exchanges play a central role in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. They allow traders and investors to become involved with the currencies without hosting the blockchain. Binance is one of the most successful digital asset exchanges. It has leveraged the capabilities offered by Ethereum to offer an ERC-20 token of its own called Binance Coin. This token gives users some benefits when using the services of Binance. To find out more about the coin check out our educational page on Binance Coin.

NEO cryptocurrency education

NEO is another platform which focuses on the smart contract functionality and allows users to build applications using its technology. What differentiates NEO from the other platforms is that it supports various common programming languages such as Java, Python and Javascript to allow a wider array of network participants to use its services. If you are interested in finding out more about the platform, take a look at our NEO educational page.

What is the world of the internet and technologies without jokes and memes? The next cryptocurrency was introduced as a joke currency and is based on the “doge” meme from which it also takes its name.

Dogecoin background

Although dogecoin might be based on an internet meme, its adoption and technical specifications are quite serious. Unlike most major cryptocurrencies, Dogecoin is an inflationary cryptocurrency. Most cryptocurrencies have a hard cap on the number of coins that can be produced which makes them deflationary currencies. Dogecoin, on the other hand, doesn’t have any such limits. Our Dogecoin page takes a look at what this entails for the platform and what consequences it could have for the holders.

While the blockchain technology itself is very new, there are platforms that offer even more innovation by modifying certain aspects of the traditional blockchain. It is not surprising that the technology is evolving at a fast pace as the customer needs continuously shape the direction in which the platforms are headed.

NEM crypto education

NEM is one of the cryptocurrencies that offers new features of the blockchain technology. In the case of NEM, these features include the proof-of-importance algorithm, which supplements the proof-of-work algorithm present in most major blockchains. In addition to this, NEM also offers multisignature accounts and encrypted messaging. If this doesn’t make sense at first, check out our educational page on NEM which will shed light on these features.

Sometimes new blockchain platforms are born through unfortunate circumstances. Because the technology is so new, many are still figuring out how to handle it securely. As a result, there are often stories about hackers stealing cryptocurrencies from users’ accounts. One of such incidents occurred when hackers stole $50 million worth of Ethers from The DAO forcing Ethereum network participants to implement a hard fork.

The story of Ethereum Classic

Some avid enthusiasts of the Ethereum blockchain who believed in the immutability of the network and wanted to keep the platform unchanged decided to keep using the unforked Ethereum blockchain which became known as Ethereum Classic. The platform has a very interesting story and background which you can check out on our Ethereum classic educational page.

Tezos cryptocurrency educational page

Tezos is described as a self-amending cryptocurrency ledger, which means that its protocol has the ability to evolve and change over time depending on the requirements. This makes Tezos one of the most unique platforms. In addition, the network prides itself on being built from the ground up and not based on Bitcoin or Ethereum like many other altcoins. Our page on Tezos offers more information on these issues as well as some of the problems with the management the network has faced over time.

Zcash description and history

Much like Monero, Zcash focuses on the privacy issues and offers its users an option to disclose information about their transactions selectively. Allowing users to make a choice is also important for regulatory purposes. Find out more about the technologic features of Zcash on our Zcash educational page.

As cryptocurrencies became extremely popular, many people started to become involved with the technology in some capacity. While some decided to invest in these coins directly, others took their chances with the mining. The skyrocketing prices of these digital assets also made mining extremely profitable. As a result, manufacturers of hardware started to focus on customized chipsets that would be designed to target the mining needs specifically. In the case of Bitcoin, this hardware would become known as ASIC miners. ASIC miners, on the other hand, made GPU and CPU miners, which couldn’t compete anymore, obsolete.

The story of Bitcoin Gold

As the name suggests, Bitcoin Gold is a fork of Bitcoin. It aims to restore the mining functionality to Graphics Processing Units and eliminate the advantages of ASIC miners. As the blockchain technology is based on the idea of equal distribution and decentralization, this decision fits in with the purpose perfectly. Our educational page on Bitcoin Gold describes how the platform achieves its goals and what challenges it has faced along the way.

Cryptocurrencies Trading Education

While there are many ways to become involved with cryptocurrencies, one of the most popular choices is to trade with these assets. Trading is a complicated process and many beginners make simple mistakes when they tackle these issues costing them heavy financial losses. In order to avert such mistakes, we have prepared an educational page on how to trade CFDs on cryptocurrencies that you should definitely check out before starting to put your funds on the line. We have also prepared a page on the differences between traditional investing and trading crypto CFDs that will prove a useful guide for future traders.

Hopefully, the cryptocurrency education system developed by us will prove successful in aiding those interested in not missing out on one of the greatest opportunities of our time. While enthusiasm is always good, it is crucial to receive adequate cryptocurrencies and blockchain education before venturing into this novel world, which is why you should inspect our cryptocurrency education website in great detail before making any decisions.

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