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What are the best Forex websites for media and advertising deals?

Driving awareness about your brokerage is the first step to success in the retail FX sector. There are hundreds of various Forex, financial, make money online, and similar topic websites that can offer you different advertising possibilities. The question is, however, should you go for them?

List of the best Forex websites for advertising

Below we have provided the research of the best FX websites for media purposes. As a broker, you always know that there is almost no limit to the traffic that you can convert, and the more exposure you can get – the better.





Company size


Year founded


Core product


ForexBonusLab.com is a website dedicated to the reviews of brokers and their promotions. The website is available in 6 languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Polish, and Indonesian. Considering the latest trading benefit policies, the website is slowly shifting into focusing on the brokers rather than their bonuses.

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Company size


Year founded


Core product


Forex-Library.com is one of the oldest FX trading websites out there. It appeared online back in 2005, and since then the website has been providing access to various financial and trading literature. Recently, Forex-Library.com has received some copyright infringement notices, so the webmasters had to cut access to some of the books and replace those with Amazon Affiliate buttons.

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How to get on the list of the top Forex websites?

At ForexNewsNow we have noticed two main issues with the Forex advertising.

The first one is the lack of the transparency from the websites that would like to act as the source of ads. There is no single place that would act as a track record of the website’s performance and a broker may never be sure that the Google Analytics screenshot sent to him has not been photoshopped to reflect the higher traffic. Besides that, the means of traffic acquisition are not always clear and the third-party services (like SimilarWeb) are not always display the data that is anywhere correct.

The second one is that it became incredibly hard for such sites to actually be found by the brokers. If you are running a Forex website and are looking for hosting some advertising deals, you are very likely to be spammed from lots of noname brokers offering affiliate partnerships.

We are here to make the live easier for you. As long as you are willing to give us the transparency the brokers want and compensate for our publishing efforts, we will be happy to include your website in the list of the best Forex websites above. Well, as long as it qualifies to be on the list.

Are the FX websites above are safe for advertising?

Forex websites for media

ForexNewsNow conducts a throughout due diligence before adding the website on the list above. We will do everything at our disposal to verify the traffic and make sure that the sources are legitimate. However, you have to take a note that we only conduct this investigation once a year and the data checked my us may vary from the current state of the website.

Forex media websites, especially the ones that generate the traffic through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), are the constant subject to traffic volatility and there is always a probability that the current web data is significantly different (can be both better or worse) than the one described in our analysis.

How do you differentiate amongst the Forex media websites?

There are many different types of the media websites and here we will provide you with a little guide, so you can simply understand which websites is more likely to provide you with the traffic you are looking for.

SEO Forex media sites

Most of the internet marketeers treat SEO as the best possible traffic source. On the flipside, the volume of this traffic is often quite little. The advantage of the SEO sites is that they get visitors from highly targeted search queries that often have buying intentions behind them. For example, a one website visitor that has been searching for best Forex broker is probably worth dozens of people that ended up on your site because they clicked on a flashy banner.

The best way to find such sites is by conducting the web research on your own, yet it might be hard to get your hands on the best possible data due to the way google displays the data. The results tend to vary a lot based on the geographical location, previous search history, browser language and many more.

These Forex media websites are mostly suitable for the long-term collaboration, usually in terms of broker listings, as they are very likely to provide continuing results.

Forex forum advertising

Even though social networks are slowly killing all types of forums, there are still some Forex forums that receive great number of visitors because they have created strong communities during the years of their existence.

The main disadvantage of the forums is that most of the visits are repetitive. Unlike SEO sites that get, roughly, 80% of the new visits, forums typically do not get more than 25% of the new visits. This is why such placements are not the best for the long-term deals. However, a media campaign for a month or two can be a good idea to increase the awareness about your brokerage.

Another thing to keep in mind when advertising on the Forex forum is that it is a social place. Meaning that if you are not sure whether your brokerage can handle the customer complaints in the best possible way, it may not be the best idea to advertise on the forum and an unhappy customer referred by the forum will come back to the forum and let all of the fellow forum members know about the way he was treated.

News websites

Forex industry is quite dinamic, the rates change every second and so do the predictions about the currency rates. This is why many traders are looking for the most recent updates on the currency market, various analyses, and any other possible data that can provide them with the second opinion about their trading ideas.

News websites often receive high traffic. However, the visitors of such sites are less likely to spot your display ads. Why? Because they entered the website to learn more about some very specific subject, and this subject is only relevant during a short amount of time. Hence, the display media can provide you with some great awareness and branding results, but you should not expect a lot of action from it. From the other perspective, a certain contextual placement may actually drive amazing results.

Referral sites / landing pages

Some of the marketeers in the Forex industry are going for the well-tested and highly converting landing pages. Their main goal is not to develop a Forex site that is useful for the visitors, but the one that is easy to navigate and understand.

Typically, such a website would generate its traffic from various Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns. This means that the website owner has to pay fees to get the traffic and the traffic is quite proportional to the expenditure. This is both good and bad. On the one hand, a webmaster is likely to bring you as much traffic as you are willing to pay for. On the other hand, you may never be sure if the website visitors are coming from a decent source.