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How to Trade

The Basics of Forex Trading

First get familiar with the basics! These articles explain the basic concepts behind forex trading.

Terms & Concepts

Forex Terms & Concepts

Wondering what the terms mean? Here are the main vocabulary words every forex trader must know.


Forex Strategy

Once you know the basics of trading, start using forex trading strategies to boost your profitability.

Tools & Resources

Forex Tools & Resources

Every trader needs tools and resources to help them make intelligent trades - here is a list of the top tools every trader needs.


Forex Indicators

Forex indicators are an excellent tool for any trader - here is a guide to the top forex trading indicators.

Trading Tips

Tips for Profitable Trading

Every trader should know these tips to maximize their proftis and minimize their losses in any trading environment.

Trading Platfoms

Forex Trading Platfoms

Know how to pick the right trading platform for your trading style so you can have the advantage when you're pip hunting.

Forex Charts

Forex Charts

Reading forex charts is the key to identifying the right time and currency pair to invest in.


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