African Banking & Finance Conference

African Banking & Finance Conference








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The African Banking & Finance Conference has turned into an annual occurrence, during which some of Africa's top banking industry representatives gather and share information about the future development of the sector and propose new ideas which are later implemented by formed partnerships during the conference.

The Annual Banking & Finance Conference 2019  themed, ‘Assessing the Business Drivers for Banking & Finance Industry in Africa’ couldn’t be timelier. Banking and financial services must seek ways to increase their mass and tap into the 66% (World Bank) population that still lack bank accounts on the continent.

Against this backdrop, the agenda to deliver financial services to those that banks have traditionally not reached should now more than ever be at the top of corporate growth strategy.

The objective of this flagship 2019 event is to sharpen the focus of thinking on how financial institutions can grow by focusing on promoting financial inclusion as a core part of their business strategies while at the same providing client-centered products in the mass market.  The conference will also look at new and innovative financial technology solutions that will make this possible and profitable.