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George Town, Grand Cayman Islands

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Block.one offers the infrastructure for developing decentralized applicatons.

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Contact person: Sheel Kohli
Contact email: support@block.one

Block.one provides high-performance blockchain solutions. Two main projects of the company are EOSIO and EOS VC. EOSIO is an infrastructure for decentralized applications. DApps are like any other application, but instead, they are built on decentralized platforms, which means that they ‘belong’ to all of the users. The benefit of such apps might not be clear at first sight, but DApps eliminate the need of intermediary companies managing the solutions and taking commissions or fees in one form or another. Even if such companies don’t charge the customers explicitly for the applications, they have to finance their operations and make a profit in some way, so they open up the application to various ads that might inconvenience the customers or might even resort to selling the customer data. DApps eliminate these issues and increase transparency in the system.

EOS VC serves to finance EOSIO projects through its key partnerships

Block.one calls EOSIO “the most powerful infrastructure for decentralized applications”. The platform is scalable, which means that it can support thousands of large-scale applications. It is also flexible as there are generalized role-based permissions. This means that the DApps built on EOSIO can run as managed apps, with some users having different permissions from the others. The platform also has a web toolkit the developers can use to build the application interface.

Block.one offers the infrastructure for developing decentralized applicatons

EOS VC is advertised as “investing in the future development of blockchain technologies”. EOS VC is dedicated to funding and developing the EOSIO ecosystem. The company has investing partners like Galaxy Digital, a NYC-based investment firm that focuses on the blockchain technology. These partners finance the projects submitted to the company that use EOSIO platform. Some of the projects already undertaken by the company include Everipedia, an encyclopedia with over 6 million articles, High Fidelity, a company working in engineering, product management and customer service and others. EOS VC also organized hackathons around the world in order to find innovative EOSIO projects.

Visit Webpage
Contact person: Sheel Kohli
Contact email: support@block.one