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Integral is a major international online forex trading technology provider. Integral offers some of the biggest online trading portfolios which allow forex brokers to offer some of the most advanced and modern services available on the market.

Integral offers a large selection of forex broker platforms, each individually and carefully crafted in order to cover all the aspects ad segments of the online forex trading market. Forex brokers will have the opportunity to choose between the vast number of products depending on their goals and target markets.

Integral Products and Services

FX Cloud

The FX Cloud is Integral’s cloud based forex platform. This allows operators using this platform to share all the translations and data with each other, which allows traders from all around the world to check the latest developments and statistics.

FX Cloud brings online forex trading to a next level by interconnecting various trading providers from all around the globe. Data is available in real time and all the information is hosted in Integral’s servers.

FX Grid

The FX Grid allows online trading providers to access latest trading options and possibilities from all around the world. This will allow these brokers to offer their customers the latest trading options with almost no latency whatsoever. The FX Grid is one of the fastest services of its kind on the market.

On Demand Algo Trader

The On Demand Algo Trader was designed in order to address the desires of algorithmic online trading brokers and forex companies. The Algo Trader works best with the combination of other Integral platforms. The platform needs to be hosted on the broker’s servers.

FX Inside Alpha

The FX Inside Alpha, like the Algo Trader is an algorithmic trading platform developed by Integral. This product, however, will give brokers and traders their options to develop their own algorithms. This platform needs the FX Grid installed in order to work and will give traders the possibility to develop their own programs or “add-ins”.

FX Inside Professional

This platform is an advanced FX system that offers brokers a full FX solution including algorithmic trading possibilities. With this platform, brokers will have the opportunity to receive their liquidity data from their own providers, meaning that using the FX Grid is not necessarily a must.

The FX Inside Professional is also highly customizable, meaning that brokers will have the option to customize the way liquidities are displayed. This will permit them to customize their offering according to their preferences and goals.

FX Inside While Label

This product of Integral is a managed service FX system that permits brokers to deliver their liquidity directly to their clients. The advantage of this service is that brokers will be able to completely customize it and re-brand it, selling the service as their own.

Brokers will have the possibility to customize their liquidity sources, pricing model, execution model, risk management and much more. The service includes a full list of features such as price making, price provision, client trading, grid monitor and much more.

FX Inside API

The FX Inside API will allow brokers to access all the liquidities by connecting directly to the FX grid. Brokers will have the possibility to offer the API to their clients as well in order to offer them a greater autonomy and customizability.

Brokers will be able to connect to major liquidity providers in real time as well as access quote information through Executable Streaming Prices (ESP) as well as Request for Stream (RFS). With the direct access to the FX Grid, the data provided by the API has almost no latency at all.

Integral FX Inside HD

This service provides application virtualization in order to provide a high user experience and very low latency times. With this solution end-users will be able to access their Execution Management System as well as configure their EMS to their liking.

FX Power Trader

The FX Power Trader is a complete white label retail margin trading platform. This service includes an online demo system, advanced trading application as well as partner marketing support. The platform offers the latest technologies that enable an efficient charting, execution and client customization.

FX Trade Vault

This service is a trade repository that is being hosted by Integral and can be accessed at any moment by a connected online broker. Basically this service keeps record of all transactions in order to give forex brokers and traders the possibility to access it any moment for informational purposes.

MetaTrader 4 Bridge

This solution will allow brokers and traders to connect their MetaTrader 4 online trading platform to the FX Grid and other Integral-developed platforms in order to profit from the best liquidity, low latency and other advantages provided by Integral.


The TrueFX platform allows brokers to access the interbank forex market in real time. Real time data is provided to brokers about all major currency pair developments. Brokers and traders can also access historical data as well.


Based on the abundance of services described above, it can be concluded with certitude that Integral does offer a full online trading software solution to online forex brokers. No matter what the goals of a broker are, there is always at least one Integral product that will address them.

A large number of forex trading brokers use the platforms developed by Integral. For example, the FX Power service is used by FCStone, RoboForex, BNFX and others. The TueFX service is used by FXCMPRO, Forex4you, AXITrader, TOPFX and much more.

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