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Tilde Becomes TradAir’s First Crypto Client in Asia

TradAir partners with Tilde to offer its trading platform to the customers of an Asian cryptocurrency liquidity provider. This will enable the clients of Tilde to trade a high number of cryptocurrencies through TradAir’s personalized and intuitive platform, making the trading process more efficient and secure.

Tilde is TradAir’s first cryptocurrency white labeling partnership in Singapore. The integration between these companies will allow Tilde to provide cryptocurrency liquidity electronically to its customers in Asia. With the help of a high-performance HTML5 cryptocurrency native platform that delivers a high-level trading experience, customer credit and trade risk will be effectively monitored and their experience will be optimized in a safe and secure manner.

Tilde is an OTC cryptocurrency trading firm, founded in 2018 by Grasshopper for family offices and accredited investors. Its aim is to build strong relationships with the customers by providing them with efficient execution of their trades, negotiation about costs before they start trading and risk management with a multi-factor authentication and cloud servers. Tilde connects all major cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide. In addition, by building strong relationships with a number of partners and stakeholders team of Tilde can guarantee the best value for the crypto-related investments of their customers.

About TradAir Trading Platform

Currently, TradAir represents one of the best Forex and crypto trading solutions for a bunch of banks and brokerage companies. Its unique technology implies an accessibility to Forex, CFD and crypto liquidity and the creation of prices via GUI interface, mobile and API. With the help of its actionable data, the company’s clients have a high chance of profitability and decreasing level of risks. TradAir white label platform involves trading both deliverable and non-deliverable digital assets, creating your own prices, secure system, 24/7 monitoring and support for all trading activities. Moreover, you can analyze coin price data, orders, and trades in the market. As its CEO, Ayal Jedeikin says, TradAir team feels very amazed to be in partnership with Tilde, their first cryptocurrency client in Asia and he adds that the combination of Tilde’s liquidity network with TradAir’s trading platform will result in a profitability for the investors.

Regarding the fact, that TradAir’s platform is intuitive, together with Tilde it will be able to give the customers the best cryptocurrency trading experience. According to the comment made by the CEO of Grasshopper and Tilde, this cooperation will maximize efficiency and minimize risks for the dealers of an over-the-counter market.

Since their team has a strong belief that the blockchain technology and Bitcoin will transform the world, one of their goals is to meet every need of the cryptocurrency traders and this will hopefully be achieved with the combination of the forces of Tilde and TradAir.

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