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by ForexNewsNow Team on October 3rd, 2018

Spotware releases new cTrader copy trading service

Spotware System, which is providing solutions for Forex and CFD technology, has just announced the release of a new copy trading service, cTrader Copy. It makes investment program more flexible and fully integrated for its flagship trading platform, cTrader. The cTrader Copy has improved the copying model involving a number of new features and tools.

When representing the new product, Spotware management declared that their goal was to provide an effective technology for trading and the service which would be more flexible, simpler and automated for strategy providers and investors, unlike the cMirror trading service.

What is introduced by the new copy trading service?

ctrader trading platform

With the help of new cTrader copy, the trading process is more transparent and simplified. As a result, investors can control their funds and make smarter trading decisions. The system works like that, it recalculates and regulates the copied volume according to the Provider’s and Investor’s Equity, and it considers any applied amount changes due to the deposits and withdrawals made from both parties.

Every followed strategy is assigned to Separate Copy Trading Accounts, which means that Investors are able to put to use Equity Stop Loss per strategy. Also, it enables the increase or the decrease of funds belonging to the particular strategy and the fees are also now calculated independently according to each copy trading account.

The structure of flexible fees and the settings of minimum investment introduced by cTrader copy fulfils the needs and trading goals of providers and investors. As for the commissions and fees for performance, it is allowed to take a percentage from the investor’s profit using a high water mark and management fees, representing an annual percentage of Investors’ Equity. And the Minimum Investment Amount allows Strategy Providers are allowed to have a reasonable return with the help of the minimum investment by arranging an inclusion level for the Investors who wish to follow their strategy.

The newly redesigned dashboard provides Investors the eye-catching insights on performance and behavior of each strategy and all the data is included there. Moreover, the growth of Investors is represented in the charts, which reflect the history of followers.

One more important thing is that the favorite strategies can be bookmarked. In addition, The code embedded to external resources allows Strategy Providers to present their strategy outside of the cTrader platform and this will help to attract new investors as well.

Such a service will certainly be a powerful alternative for the cTrader Forex brokers out there.

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