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by ForexNewsNow Team on April 9th, 2013

Currensee Launches New Trade Leaders Investment Program

ForexNewsNow – Social forex trading service provider Currensee announced the release of a new Trade Leaders Investment Program that will allow professional traders to become so-called trade leaders and generate side-revenue by offering regular traders the possibility to automatically copy their actions.

The new Trade Leaders Investment Program was created with the intention of establishing a database of the most successful traders that allow regular traders to copy the actions performed by them. The new leaderboard that was developed keeps track of all the trade leaders available at Currensee.

The leaderboard also contains all the relevant information related to these traders such as the number of their followers, minimum capital requirement, average return of investment rates and much more. Investors also have the possibility to arrange this list based on the performance records of the offered trade leaders.

How to Become a Trade Leader?

Experienced traders have the possibility to apply and become trade leaders at Currensee. Traders have to undergo four steps in order to become trade leaders. The first one is submitting an application to Currensee and linking their trading accounts to the company. After this, Currensee will assess and test the applicant and his or her account.

The final step is the measurement of the applicants’ accounts over a certain period of time to make sure that they are able to generate positive returns in the future as well. Only after this will an applicant be approved. After being approved, trade leaders will continuously be monitored by the service provider.

There are no membership fees associated being a trade leader. Trader leaders will be able to generate revenues by the successful trades executed by the traders that follow them. Leaders receive a 15% commission on the successful trades carried out by followers.

How does it Work for Normal Traders?

Regular traders, or investors as they are called at Currensee, have the possibility to sign up under trade leaders and let the system automatically copy the actions performed by trade leaders in real time. Trading is possible at multiple brokers that are partnered with Currensee.

What this means is that traders have the possibility to generate substantial profits without actually doing anything at all other than allowing the system to copy the trades performed by trusted trade leaders. The services offered by Currensee also allow new traders to learn and understand the mechanisms of online trading.

By letting the system automatically execute the trades carried out by experienced professionals, new traders have the possibility to watch and learn how professionals operate in the business. The best about this is that new traders will be able to generate revenue as well as part of their learning process.

About Currensee

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Currensee is a Forex broker and a social trading service provider that allows professional traders to earn side revenue by allowing investors to copy their actions. Investors, on the other hand, have the chance to generate revenues by automatically replicating the actions performed by experienced professionals.

Currensee was founded in 2008 and as such it has a lot of experience in the online trading and copy trading business. The company is also a member of the US National Futures Association as well as the Financial Services Authority of the United Kingdom.

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