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by ForexNewsNow Team on August 19th, 2016

Easy-Forex Bonus

Like any respectable broker, Easy Forex is looking to stimulate trading when a trading activity, in general, is down. This is happening specifically in holiday seasons, like summer and Christmas periods, and an easy forex deposit bonus is only normal.Easy Forex Bonus Welcome Bonus

Easy Forex Bonus Welcome Bonus Description

This bonus address to new traders and new traders only, so claiming the bonus if you already trade with the broker will do no good. Moreover, it is applying to only one account. This means that if one has multiple trading accounts, the bonus can be claimed only once and for a single account.

The easy-forex deposit bonus is addressing to the ones that are just curious to see how this broker performs on execution, what are commissions and other expenses incurred in the trading account, how and if the spreads vary, etc. This is why the minimum amount to deposit for claiming the bonus is $100.

Easy Forex Bonus Advantages & Disadvantages

The time limitation is a drawdown indeed and the fact that the amount first to apply cannot be withdrawn without the bonus to be taken away. It is only normal as otherwise everyone will make a deposit, receive the bonus, and then withdraw the initial deposit. This is not working, and it is stipulated in the general terms and conditions for accepting this bonus.

On the positive side here is that the amount offered is quite big when compared to other brokers, up to 2000 (in the currency of the trading account) or 40% of the initial deposit. This offers a great leverage to any trading account and can be the start of a nice trading performance. This easy forex reward seems to be designed exactly for this purpose.

How to Getting Easy Forex Sign Up Bonus?

To get the deposit bonus easy forex offers, one needs to first apply for it when the process of opening a trading account starts.

Step 1

The first thing to do is to make sure you answer positively when asked if interested in the welcoming bonus the broker offers. If yes, your account manager will get in touch quite fast.

Step 2

The purpose of the account manager contacting is that he/she wants to make sure you understand all the conditions required for this easy forex promotion. It is strongly advised to read the general terms and conditions on the broker’s website before having this conversation as questions may arise.

Step 3

Get the bonus after depositing. Depositing is easy to be made and all the general channels are offered.

No matter the amount deposited, the broker guarantees a performing trading environment and based on the experience on its side; chances are it is going to be true.

Bonus Review Verdict

The easy-forex bonus on deposit seems to be a good opportunity for new traders to jump into the exciting forex trading world, with not much of capital but with a good partner for the trip. It represents the way of this broker to say a big welcome and thank you for joining an experienced broker.

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