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by ForexNewsNow Team on December 17th, 2012

Forex4You Adds New Informative Dashboard to Trading Platform

ForexNewsNow – Popular forex broker Forex4You has implemented a new service quality dashboard that will allow traders to verify various data related to the services offered by the broker. The statistics displayed by the broker will be updated on a frequent basis.

Dashboard Features and Tools

The new dashboard will allow traders to follow various quality signals such as
order execution speed, deposits, withdrawals, customer verification and trading service availability. The first category, order execution speed, displays the average order execution times related to each account type during the previous month.

According to this data, over 90% of all orders are executed within 2 seconds.
Several account types such as the PRO STP and Classic Ndd have achieved execution times below 2 seconds in over 99% of the cases during November 2012.

Service Quality Level Dashboard - Forex4you - ForexNewsNow - Execution

The deposits indicator displays the number of deposits processed by the broker during the previous month. At this moment the statistics reveal that the broker processed more than 31,000 individual deposits in November. 87% of these deposits were processed within 5 minutes.

The withdrawal tab will permit traders to check the average withdrawal times experienced at the broker. In November over 13,000 individual withdrawals were processed with an average processing time of 2 hours and 8 minutes.

The withdrawal statistic can be viewed as far back as January 2012. According to this data, average processing times continued to decrease considerably during the year and it appears that they will continue to decrease in the future as well.

As traders probably already know, Forex4You has a trader verification policy in place. In the new dashboard traders will be able to verify the average customer verification processing times which last month was only 2 hours and 7 minutes. The dashboard also reveals that in November over 92% of all requests were processed within 8 hours.

On this page, a graph also reveals that average processing times continued to decrease considerably though the year. At this moment processing times are at least 10 times shorter than they were in January and February 2012.

The last tab on the new dashboard page refers to the availability of trading services. According to the graph present on this page, last month the services offered by Forex4You were available 99,995% of the time. This data is consistent with the performance recorded throughout the year as well.

About Forex4you

Service Quality Level Dashboard - Forex4you - ForexNewsNow

Forex4You is a popular forex broker operating since 2007. Starting with just seven employees, the company has today offices in various countries such as the UK, India, Germany, Russia, Latvia and others. The broker is currently licensed by the Financial Services Commission under the Securities and Investment Business Act, 2010 in the British Virgin Islands.

Forex4You provides quality forex trading services worldwide. It offers traders the opportunity to open up various types of forex trading accounts based on their needs. The accounts were designed to meet the needs to beginners advanced traders and even high profile experts. This is the reason why Forex4You managed to attract such a large following.

The new service quality dashboard is the latest addition to the technology portfolio of Forex4You. The broker is dedicated to the development of new technology and services that are meant to increase traders trading experience.


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