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by ForexNewsNow Team on November 29th, 2012

KickBackFx: Get Paid to Trade Forex

ForexNewsNow – KickBackFX is a newly launched forex trading rebate provider. The company was founded just recently and relies on a concept that is relatively new in the forex business. The company and website is maintained by a group of professional traders and tech experts always looking for developing new tools and services to improve trading experience.

How Does it Work?

The concept behind KickBackFX isn’t necessarily new but it’s something that so far has not been done a lot in the forex business. KickBackFX requires traders to sign up to a broker by clicking on a special referral link that will track the trader and tell the broker that he or she was referred by KickBackFX.

Based on the spreads a trader generates, KickBackFX will receive a commission from the broker. The main idea behind KickBackFX lies in the fact that the trader will be able to recover a certain percentage of the spreads generated at a broker.

Forex brokers generate income though spreads. Each time a trader places an order a spread will be applied by the broker that will act like a commission, generating revenue for the broker. This commission is usually non-refundable.

However, using KickBackFX traders will have the opportunity to receive some of this spread back. All it takes it to register at KickBackFX and sign up at the listed forex brokers using the links provided. It’s extremely important to use the links KickBackFX provides since otherwise traders won’t be tracked and as such can’t receive a rebate.


KickBackFX is a simple yet elegant website. Registering is extremely easy and the interface provided offers traders the possibility to check how much rebate they are able to cash out. Using PayPal as withdrawal tool traders will be able to cash out whenever they want since no minimum limit is applied. Bank wires will, however require a $100 minimum payout and a $35 processing fee will be applied.

Are the Services Real?

The services offered by KickBackFX are definitely attractive. At a first glance it might seem strange that a company would offer anyone money to register and trade at various forex brokers. But in reality it’s very simple and straight forward.

For every depositing trader referred to a broker, KickBackFX will receive a commission from the respective broker. This is a mutually beneficial relationship; the broker will acquire new traders and KickBackFX will cash in a commission that acts as an advertisement fee.

KickBackFX will then pay a certain amount of this commission to the trader based on the trading volume generated by the respective trader. So, it’s a mutually beneficial relationship for all the three parties involved. Everyone is winning from this collaboration.

Registering though KickBackFX will not increase the spreads applied by brokers.


At this moment traders can sign up through KickBackFX at 19 forex brokers. These include some of the largest names in the business such as AvaFX, Alpari, FXOpen, XEMarkets, FXCM and several others.

This again proves that the services provided by the company are real and accurate. The previously mentioned brokers are some of the biggest names in the business and they wouldn’t officially partner with a company that’s providing fraudulent services.

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