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by ForexNewsNow Team on April 12th, 2012

Markets.com Educational Resources for Forex and CFDs Trading

ForexNewsNow – It is not easy to find a quality forex broker with a full range of products such as forex, and stock and bonds CFD trading, which also provides superb educational resources for these sophisticated financial instruments. One broker that does is Markets.com and, for that reason, it is a good broker to start with since they provide everything you need in one place so that you can trade successfully.

If you are an inexperienced trader trying to improve your trading results then you can take full advantage of the free and complete CFD and forex education center Markets.com offers. As many Markets.com broker reviews point out, this broker is a great starting point for any new trader since they offer a wealth of training tools as well as several different well-known trading platforms to choose from so each trader can find the right fit for their trading style.

Here is a brief overview of the various educational sections offered at the Markets.com website:

Learn All About Trading Basics

This section covers the very basic principles of online CFD and foreign currency trading. You can learn all the basics about trading such as basic trading terms and trading orders. After completing this section, what is entailed in trading Indices – for example the FTSE or NIKKEI, commodities such as Gold and Oil, and popular forex pairs such as the GBP/USD or EUR/USD will be clear to you.

Learn All About Forex/CFDs

The forex education section of Markets.com will provide you with in-depth knowledge about various foreign currency markets where you buy and sell common currency pairs like EUR/USD, USD/JPY and GBP/USD. You can also read popular forex education articles and items. The CFD education section will provide you with information regarding trading commodities, such as Oil and Gold, and trading Indices, such as DAX 30 and Dow Jones. With the help of this section, you can easily learn about the CFDs, meaning of the various CFD terms and CFD trading procedures.

Learn All About Fundamental Analysis

Markets.com has made things very easy for all inexperienced traders by proving valuable information on the study of social factors, economic indicators, and policies and politics that influence the global financial markets, to get an idea about financial trends and price movements.

Learn All About Technical Analysis

The technical analysis sections covers the basics about pricing patterns, trading volumes, indices and commodities markets. After completing this section, you will be very familiar with financial indicators such as Fibonacci retracements and Elliot Wave theory and the Moving Average Convergence Divergence indicator, which are the integral parts of technical analysis.

Ebooks, Video Tutorial And Webinars

You will also find many easy-to-read ebooks on the website which are packed with tips and tricks and cover trading fundamentals. The Markets.com video library is full of short and informative video tutorials covering all the basics you need to know as a new trader. Moreover, you can also check the webinars on the website which will help you enrich your knowledge regarding trading financial instruments.

Starting Your Journey By Attending  A Free Seminar

Apart from those educational materials you can also start your journey by attending the Free Traders Seminar on May 2nd, 2012, in London. The session is one all-day seminar that will cover various topics such as Platform Control and Risk Management, Trading Psychology Versus Impulse Trading, Interpretation of MacroEconomic News and much more. All attendees will receive up to a 15% bonus on their first deposit. Click here to sign up.

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