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by ForexNewsNow Team on July 31st, 2012

Trading-Point Rebranding to XE Markets

ForexNewsNowOnline forex broker TradingPoint has recently announced that it had rebranded itself to The new brand will continue the tradition of the old brand in providing quality forex trading solutions with the difference that pretty much all aspects of the services have been improved considerably.

About TradingPoint

TradingPoint was known as a reliable forex broker that used to provide a large variety of services that pretty much covered the whole spectrum of the forex trading market. The broker offered great services to traders in regards to execution times, educational material, news and more.

However with the development of new technologies and rise of many new forex brokers, the previous TradingPoint brand became outdated and lacked a wide choice of platforms. This restricted accessibility and made the broker less attractive to new customers.

Rebranding to XEMarkets

The solution to the above mentioned problems was the complete rebranding of all the services provided. Based on this, TradingPoint became XEMarkets which is still run by the same company only that the service portfolio has been completely overhauled to offer a wider array of platform choices.

New Features and Extras

One of the biggest changes from TradingPoint to XEMarkets lies in the fact that the new services are now available from a large selection of platforms and devices. Traders will now be able to access the services offered by the broker using the software platforms XEM MT4, XEM Webtrader, XEM iPhone Trader, XEM iPad Trader, XEM Droid Trader and XEM MAM.

The availability of these tools will allow online traders to access their accounts from anywhere imaginable. The only condition is the availability of an internet connection which is pretty much always available for those traders that own a smartphone or a tablet.

The new website also gives traders a much better overview of the trading possibilities as well as assets available. Instead of having to access multiple pages individually in order to find out details such as assets, info about licensing, options available and offered platforms, traders will get this information directly from the main page.

The new platforms are also very well made with the aim to allow both new and old traders to quickly discover the services offered. All interfaces are extremely intuitive and the simplistic but elegant color scheme adopted by the new brand makes it very easy to navigate and distinguish relevant portions of the interface from less relevant ones.

XEMarkets Bonus

After the rebranding the forex broker has also upped its bonus deal to newly registered traders. On the old website and brand traders were able to receive a 20% first deposit bonus but the new brand will offer them a 30% welcome bonus instead. There are also no limits on this bonus meaning that if traders deposit as much as $10,000 then they will get $3,000 for free.


TradingPoint managed to rebrand itself pretty well with several huge improvements and new and better deals. Considering the drastic nature of changes and the new trading possibilities and platforms available it becomes evident that the rebrand was absolutely necessary and just a simple update of the old brand would not have been enough.

Check out the new site for yourself


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