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by ForexNewsNow Team on March 6th, 2013

OddsFutures.com Introduces New Way to Trade Online

ForexNewsNow – OddsFutures is an exciting online trading service provider. However, unlike traditional brokers, OddsFutures allows trading on horse racing events rather than stocks, commodities, indices or forex currency pairs. The company allows sports betting and online trading enthusiasts to use their experience in both of these fields in order to generate substantial income.

How does it Work?

As surprising as it may sound, OddsFutures offers trading possibilities on sports events, much like traditional brokers offer trading possibilities on various assets such as stocks and currency pairs. Much like in traditional futures trading, at OddsFutures traders will have to trade on the movement of the markets which in this case are the betting odds related to a race.

Traders will not have to place actual bets on a sports event or horse like in sports betting. They will have to predict the movement of the odds related a particular game or horse. Like in traditional futures trading, at OddsFutures traders will either have to “buy” or “sell” the underlying asset (a game, horse, etc.) depending if the odds are expected to increase or decrease related to the “asset” in question.

forexnewsnow - oddsfutures.com - chart

People familiar with sports betting know that the winning odds related to a game, player or horse will constantly change based on multiple factors such as performance of each team/player/horse or volumes of bets placed by bettors. Usually it’s not very hard to predict the movement of the odds in case one is interested in the sport or the game at hand.

OddsFutures offers a great money making opportunity to traders who are interested in sports as well. However, the services offered by the company are also advantageous to sports bettors who don’t necessarily wish to place very large bets at a traditional sportsbook.

Platform Look and Feel

The broker uses a very user friendly platform and interface. Using the platform, traders will be able to easily find the games they are looking for. Accessing a horse race, traders have the possibility to select their favorite horse and jokey and either buy or sell based on how the odds are expected to change in the future.

forexnewsnow - oddsfutures.com - chart2

All the actions that can be performed such as searching for new games, opening trades or analyzing the movement of the odds can be done though a single interface and window. Most other trading tools require traders to open multiple windows at once if they wish to perform additional actions apart from the ones available on the already open window.

Deposits and Withdrawals

At this moment traders can only make deposits and withdrawals using Visa, MasterCard and Laser. The broker however intends to add new payment tools in the near future. The minimum deposit amount is 10 Euros. The broker charges a fee of 2.5% in case of Visa and MasterCard, deposits and a €0.50 fee on Laser deposits.

Withdrawals are processed by the broker using the same tools as the ones made available in the depositing process. Withdrawals are completed within 2-5 business days, which is an interval that is better than what most other financial service providers and especially sports betting operators provide.

Customer Service

OddsFutures can be contacted using email or telephone. The phone number made available by the broker is active between 10 AM – 4.30 AM BST Monday to Friday. While the broker’s support staff is very experienced and professional, a possible negative aspect that we noted was the fact that it isn’t available on a 24/7 basis, something that’s the case at most other brokers.


Predict and trade horse racing odds movement - Free €20 credit for accounts! - Oddsfutures.com - logo - forexnewsnow

OddsFutures is a new and exciting concept that merges the notions of financial trading and sports betting. People experienced in both fields have the possibility to earn substantial revenues because it’s widely known that predicting the odds of a sports event or horse race is several times easier than predicting the movement of an underlying asset in traditional futures trading.

We also noted that the company is constantly working on releasing new updates and developments. An important update the broker should implement in the future is to add more deposit and withdrawal tools. We are however confident that this issue will be addressed very soon.

Click here to open a free account at OddsFutures.com

By ForexNewsNow Team

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