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by ForexNewsNow Team on May 31st, 2012

Sirix: Leverate’s Social Forex Trading Platform

ForexNewsNow – Leverate is a leading provider of online trading technology. The portfolio of this venture offers various trading possibilities from regular trading to binary options and more. The company’s main product is the Sirix trading platform that through its elements of social trading revolutionized the industry.

The company is known to be releasing new technology and updates continuously which means that traders will be able to profit from the most advanced features in this industry. Through its social trading platforms, Leverate managed to become one of the biggest names in the online trading technology business.

Sirix Trading Platform

The Sirix Trading platform is the principal online trading platform provided by Leverate. The best aspect of the Sirix Trading platform from an online brokerage’s perspective is the fact that brokerages will be able to fully customize the Sirix platform with their band colors, logos and other visual aspects. This will greatly contribute in increasing conversions and trades.

The interface and the usability of the Sirix social trading platform is very modern and sleek, contrary to most other online trading platforms available. Traders will have a very easy time in learning all the aspects of this interface. Advanced traders will enjoy the benefits of a highly intuitive platform that due to its to-the-point navigational structure increases working speed.

The Sirix Platform is a revolutionary new social trading platform. This means that traders will be able to connect with other traders right from their trading accounts. The reason why this is extremely useful is that new traders will have the chance to connect with more experienced traders and even gurus which will give them the opportunity to follow their activity and learn from their trading patterns and actions.

The Sirix trader is also available for tablets and smartphones which means that traders will be able to connect to their account at any moment and from any place. Likewise, the platform offers a multitude of charts and graphs that help traders to maximize their profits. The platform is available is more than a dozen of languages as well.

Leverate Binary Options Platform

The binary options platform developed by Leverate is recommended to every brokerage that already uses the other platforms developed by the company. Binary options is the biggest increasing online trading segment and because of this more and more brokerages decide to offer this service.

The reason why a combination of the Leverate binary options platform and the other platforms developed by the company is recommended to brokerages is that these platforms are interconnected with each other, meaning that the trader will not have to set up a separate account for each individual service.

Similar to the Sirix platform, the binary options platform of Leverate is also web-based, meaning that traders will not have to download and install any software whatsoever. This offers traders the huge opportunity to access their trading accounts at any moment and from any device.

Leverate Mirror Trading Platform

The Mirror Trading Platform developed by Leverate is one of the best and most reliable copy trading platforms in the business. It allows novice and experienced traders to track the actions and trades of more experienced traders and people who are known to earn a lot of money in the online trading business.

Leverate’s Mirror Trading platform automatically analyses the signals of strategies used by other traders and based on the information automatically “mirrors” the trades executed by successful online traders. The trading platform can also be fully customized by the trader which allows a great range of flexibility.

The first working mode of the platform is manual trading. Using this setting, traders with the help of useful charts and graphs will have the chance to analyze the trading patterns of others and use the data gathered for their benefit.

The second mode is the semi-automatic mirroring that will automatically execute the trades that were previously selected by the trader. This mode, while being automatic, still allows the trader to have an active role in the decision making. The last mode is the automatic mode that automatically applies the signals to the trader’s account based on the signals of selected strategies.


The products and platforms developed and released by Leverate manage to offer a full social trading portfolio to every brokerage and trader. Many novice traders find it extremely hard to learn this business with the lack of a mentor. The platforms of Leverate will allow traders to closely follow the actions of more experienced traders and learn from their strategies and actions.

The success of Leverate is also reflected from the fact that many major online brokerages have decided to use its products and services. Some of the biggest names that use the Leverate products such as the Sirix Trader are companies like Markets.com and various others. From the many Forex social networks out there, the products developed by Leverate are definitely on top of each list.

By ForexNewsNow Team

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