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by ForexNewsNow Team on November 29th, 2012 Seeks to Reinvent Online Trading Experience

ForexNewsNow – Tradable has just recently announced the development and release of a new trading platform that will permit online traders to install and implement third party tools and applications. This way traders will have the possibility to fully customize their online trading platform.

Tradable Develops New Revolutionary Platform

The reason why the new Tradable platform is revolutionary is because it offers technological solutions that so far are not available on the market. Most popular online trading platforms these days do not allow traders to install third party apps and tools. Some might do it in a limited fashion, such as the MetaTrader 4  brokers, but not on a large scale as Tradable intends to do in the future.

In order to allow apps to be traded between users of the platform Tradable has created its own App Store system that will allow app developers to supply their products to users. The apps available for the Tradable platform can be developed by any technically and financially savvy third party person or company.

The App Store already includes a variety of apps that refer to algorithmic trading strategies, automated trading tools, social trading features, advanced charting features, news, and much more. Traders will have the opportunity to install the apps that satisfy their needs the most. Tradable explained that it’s expected that once the platform becomes more popular a huge amount of new apps will be added as well.

The Beta testing phase of the new platform has been launched on November 13th. Based on the initial feedback received, the company will then tweak the platform and release it to the general public. Interested traders and app developers have the possibility to request an invitation and participate in the Beta testing process.

Benefits of the Tradable Platform

It’s really straight forward why the new Tradable app can be advantageous to traders. Pretty much every single trading platform that’s available on the market these days only allow a limited amount of customization. Right now, traders will have to use the tools that are available and in most cases people are confronted with lack of more advanced features.This is all of the past using the Tradable platform. It’s because traders have the change to upgrade their platforms with apps that serve specific needs. The apps are usually developed by other traders who have first-hand experience in the business.

Tradable CEO Jannick Malling explained that the retail online trading market has become more diversified these days meaning that the majority of traders have distinct needs and expectations. Classic online trading platforms that don’t support advanced customization don’t satisfy the needs of these traders.

About Tradable

He explained that the Tradable platform has been developed with the thought of satisfying every single trader’s needs. This is only possible if the platform will allow traders to choose the features they intend to use.

Tradable is a Danish company that has been founded by a team of trading and technology experts. The venture this moment employs over 35 people in various offices in countries such as Denmark, USA, United Kingdom and Russia.

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