A Comprehensive Finteria Review

A Comprehensive Finteria Review

Minimum deposit

100 USD (50 with bank cards)


100% trading bonus

Maximum leverage


Year founded




Trading platform


Finteria LTD is a binary options broker based in the Marshall Islands. However, the broker is only registered there and holds no trading license from the local regulator. Finteria is an unregulated binary options broker offering access only to Forex pairs and crypto assets in the form of binary options. Binary options were restricted and are illegal in many countries, as they are more like gambling than trading. The fact that Finteria offers only binary options and is not regulated by any authority raises huge red flags regarding the broker’s safety. Trading assets are also very few, including 32 Forex pairs and 18 crypto pairs. The payout is variable depending on the instrument and reaches up to 85% while the broker claims up to 90%. The broker is shy to disclose its phone number on the website, which is also a major red flag, together with a lack of regulations and offering only binary options.


Finteria Forex broker overview

Finteria scam becomes very highly likely as the broker hides many important details about its origins. It is not possible to find when it was launched and who its trading platform provider is. The platform which we will discuss in more detail is web-based, immediately raising concerns about price manipulation possibilities. Indeed, many traders on the Trustpilot report the broker manipulating the price graph to make traders lose their bets and are not responsible for traders’ messages. Generally, traders’ feedback is one of the most critical parts of evaluating how legit any broker is and there are more than 56% 1-star reviews on Trustpilot, making Finteria a very unreliable and obscure binary options broker. We tried to contact the broker via a live chat which it provides on its website, but no one answered. It seems there is a shortage of support employees or the broker is a scam who is just trying to lure traders and steal their deposits.

Finteria Demo account

Finteria provides a free demo account with 10,000 USD virtual funds on it. This account can be used to check the services and assets of Finteria. However, since the platform is highly unreliable, the broker can manipulate prices and let traders win on their demo accounts to lure them and steal their money on a live account.

Finteria Live Account

There is only one account type provided by Finteria which requires at least a 100 USD deposit. However, the broker claims the minimum deposit amount of 50 USD for bank cards, and we could not confirm if this 50 USD is enough to start trading. The spreads and leverage are not provided, as there are only binary options. Commissions are not charged for betting on the future price direction as well. Unfortunately, Finteria does not allow traders to trade on financial instruments, as there are only binary options. This is a huge drawback and indicates that Finteria fraud is a very high possibility. We do not recommend opening a live account with Finteria. However, the demo account could be used for general testing purposes and learning how binary options work.

Finteria Deposits and Withdrawals

Finteria encourages traders to use online exchanges for converting fiat into cryptos and then depositing this crypto on the live account balance. However, there are conversion fees and network fees when using cryptos for transactions, which Finteria does not mention. The broker also fails to indicate if there are fees for deposits and withdrawals, adding to our list of red flags. It seems the broker does not even consider allowing traders to withdraw profits, and there are many reports from traders about this. Two payment options aside from bank cards are MoonPay and Banxa.

Finteria Education, Platforms, Indicators, and Tools

finteria platform

Finteria falls short in education as well, which is natural for a scam broker. There is a blog, help center, and FAQs section where the broker just explains binary options betting and provides some answers to general questions. The custom trading platform is built into a trader’s dashboard, which has several functions. The trader’s dashboard is probably the only good thing about Finteria, as this dashboard is user-friendly and easy to navigate. All functionality including financials are built into this dashboard. The trading platform is very limited in functionality as it is only targeted for binary options trading. Since there are no other third-party advanced platforms, Finteria likely has a master key to manipulate prices and make traders lose their bets. In fact, many binary options scams are known for this manipulation, as their platforms have obscure origins. There are no other tools, indicators, or features offered by the broker except the trading bonus.

Finteria Additional Features

Finteria’s 100% trading bonus comes without terms and conditions, as it is difficult to find exactly how to claim this bonus. More like a marketing gimmick than an actual feature. There are no other features that could enhance the trader’s experience. Trader’s dashboard has a copy trading, trading contest, and help center built-in, but the support is useless. Copy trading theoretically allows traders to replicate the performance of Finteria’s top traders, which is highly unlikely to be useful. The trading contest was launched in 2024, and we assume this is also when the broker was established.

Finteria Safety and Regulations

Finteria is an unregulated binary options broker and has a very suspicious trust score on online platforms with the majority of traders reporting low safety, price manipulation, and constant offline support. The fact that Finteria provides access to binary options on its proprietary web platform and is not regulated by any authorities is enough evidence to recommend our readers stay away from this broker.

Finteria Customer Support

Customer support includes email and live chat support. There is also a Telegram channel. However, the live chat is offline and no one is answering the messages. This is a huge red flag for any broker. Finteria has no hotline support, which is also a major red flag.

Conclusion — Is Finteria legit?

Overall, Finteria presents traders with significant risks of being a scam broker. As an unregulated binary options broker based in the Marshall Islands, it lacks regulatory oversight, increasing the chances of fraudulent practices. The broker only offers binary options, which are illegal in many countries, because they resemble gambling rather than trading. There are many negative trade reviews claiming that Finteria manipulates prices and declines withdrawals. Traders can not reach support as the live chat is offline. We confirmed that the support of Finteria is terrible and not reliable. We strongly recommend traders to stay away from Finteria scam.

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