Fusion Markets – Major problems associated with this broker

Fusion Markets – Major problems associated with this broker

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Fusion markets is an Australian-based broker with very short experience in the trading industry. This is nothing to ridicule, in fact despite the lack of experience the broker has managed to get local and internationally acclaimed licenses. In total it is being regulated by 3 different organizations with great reputations.

The site uses mteardaer4 and metatrader5 software as primary trading platforms alongside many other useful trading platforms both well-known and newly established software can be found on the site for the consumers. There is so much to talk about regarding this matter, which we will be doing in the following section of the review where we will emphasize useful intel about the trading features of the broker.

The customer support team at the Fusion Markets is mediocre at best with the slow responding rates and vague answers to very specific questions, we seem to understand why many consumers have been complaining about it on the web. After all, while doing comprehensive research on this forex broker we have managed to see the facts about the broker at a face value, for a novice trader these faults may not even be visible but to the trained eye like ours they are as clear as day.

reviewing fusion markets main offerings

License and regulations – Is Fusion Markets Legit?

Two local licenses and a third international license are held by the broker. On their website, they are pretty forthright about this. The broket holds credentials from regulatory bodies in Australia and Vanuatu.

The business that owns Fusion markets is called Gleneagle Asset Management Limited. Fusion Markets operates under an Australian Financial Services Licence with the number 226199. Gleneagle Asset Management Limited is also governed by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission. Because the company is situated in Australia, having two local licenses is a huge plus.

The firm’s services are available in countries other than Australia. They are not, however, permitted to sell or give services to any US citizen. Gleneagle Securities Pty Limited business as Fusion Markets, a recognized Vanuatu corporation with the registration number 40256, is regulated by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission.

Trading Features

A broker can only be as good as its trading features. The products and services of a broker are what attract its clientele. Traders of all kinds are looking for the optimal environment for their trading practices, Both novice and experienced traders need to have great leverage ratios, efficient software, and of course a healthy amount of spreads. these are very crucial to the trading process. This is why we will be focusing on the reading features in this section of the review.

Account types

There are two account types available on the site which are interesting tools to look at. There is no specif information on the site regarding the features. a standard practice in the industry is to compare all of the available account types n, so every aspect of the accounts, products, and services of the firm would be clear to everyone. But this is not the case for this broker as all of the written content is very vague and has very little peace of crucial information about spreads .leverages and other important tools and factors of the trading process.

payment methods at fusion markets

From what we have gathered from the severely underwritten description of the account, fusion markets offer zero and classical account types. There are only two accounts available in both demo and live modes.

Leverage, Spreads & more

The maximum amount of leverage that one can get wit6h the fusion markets forex broker is a ratio of 1:500.Margin trading, also known as leveraged trading, is a method of completing trades in which the sale amount is several times greater than the trader’s total funds. It is a very crucial and important part of the trader’s experience as sometimes traders don’t have much capital to start trading with, this is why a healthy leverage ratio can be quite beneficial for the consumer. Margin trading is currently a popular form of trading. The proportion of a trader’s funds to the overall sum and margin, given as a percentage, is referred to as leverage.

however, leverage can either make one or break one.  We find it odd that the leverage is not specified on the site unless one asks it via live chat. not to mention there is no risk warning about it as the leverage ratio is quite high according to the very regulatory bodies that monitor the firm, it should be specified on the site. But fusion markets seem to have taken a different approach.

One of the many reasons for the lack of a bonus is that Fusion markets want to provide the best leverage possible. This is the answer we got from the customer service team regarding the reason why they haven’t mentioned the leverage or spreads on the site.  Why be so secretive, if you have nothing to hide? We find this one of the reasons why the broker might seem fraudulent.

A trader invests only a little amount of his or her capital in a transaction. The specific leverage ratio is dependent on a number of factors, including the broker, the site, and the asset. This is yet another vague answer we got from the broker’s chat support.

Spreads is another important trading tool for every type of trader. It the forging ground for any successful trade. Also, there is no set minimum amount for  depositing., This is actually a great feature that the site possesses.

Reviewing Fusion Markets – Bonuses

there are no trading bonuses available on the site of the broker. There is no educational material as well. The lack of engagement with the clientele of the film is quite astonishing. The broker has no initiatives other than a referral program that give the traders $50 if they recut another trader. even then there are strict rules and requirements one needs to follow and meet.

If you do manage to persuade someone to join the fusion markets community of traders, the prize of $50 which both of you will get, will not be withdrawable. which is such a clever way to trick the consumer. after all referral programs are more beneficial for the broker rather than the trader. it just a marketing ploy to increase the demographic of consumers.

Final Verdict

All in all, we don’t recommend our readers to do business with this forex broker as they have quite many faults specifically regarding the absence of promotional and educational initiatives and severely underwritten content on the website as the most crucial information regarding the trading tools and account types are absent or very vague, which makes it harder to understand what the firm tries to provide ion the first place. For a novice trader, this could be very confusing.

Many argue that the broker has three qualifications from great and reputable organizations. however we think that in the digital age it is very easy to fabricate certain narratives about a company and those could be just for the show. We find it even more disappointing when licensed brokers such as Fusion markets can back up notions about themselves with direct action.

Additionally, the customer support team is mediocre at best, one has to be very lucky on the site to get an answer in a short amount of time. It usually takes up to six to seven minutes to get a very vague answer, which is never a good thing when looking for a new brokerage firm to do one’s business with.

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