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The definitive Oinvest review to determine their trustworthiness

The definitive Oinvest review to determine their trustworthiness

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Oinvest is a relatively young company, that just started operating in South Africa. These guys have not been around for long, which means that they are not being talked about too much, and we think this is a bit of a shame. These guys are out there, trying to build a reputation that they can be proud of, by offering the services they can afford. Though this does not mean that in this Oinvest review we are going to talk exclusively about the positive aspects of the casino. There are aspects that the casino could definitely work on, and a number of these stem from the simple fact that they are new and not well known.

Oinvest.co.za review

The page Oinvest has built for its users is simple and useful. it tries to engage the users by presenting a visually interesting, but at the same time minimally obtrusive design. The navigation process on the website is rather simple and the website itself is rather compact. So you don’t have to spend hours browsing it to find the information you are looking for. All of it is contained within a small area, with individual pages containing all of the information about the subject they need to cover. Getting to them is easy and fast simply because the website is incredibly well optimized. What is even more enticing about oinvest.co.za is the fact that the information is not cluttered with words, images or other media that would confuse the reader. All of the information is provided with a plain design, without much to get in the way of reading it or viewing it. This is a highly commendable quality of any website, and especially of one dealing with their users’ finances. Information needs to be easily accessible and easily readable. Any website that messes this part of their design up is not trustworthy and should be avoided, is what we believe.

What the broker has to offer

The Oinvest Forex broker provides its users with the opportunity to participate in their educational program. This educational program is composed of a platform that aims to teach the users and inform them about the market. Any kind of additional education that users can receive, as a free benefit, for working with a company is more than welcome. Such education allows users to better themselves in the field of training, which is a highly desirable quality for a platform. This way, they can have the ability to trade better on the market, avoid bad trades, accrue more capital by trading well and bring further and better income themselves and to the broker over time.

Beyond the educational platform, the Oinvest FX brokerage offers their users a number of options, in terms of account tiers. Users will be able to choose from Silver, Gold and Platinum account types, with each having a unique system of spreads and leverage. Those with the Platinum account get to enjoy the lowest spreads and the access to the highest leverage, which makes sense. Those at the highest account level are bound to be experienced traders. They know what they are doing and thus are encouraged to trade. They are also encouraged to use high leverage, in order to multiply the income of the trader and the brokerage itself. The other accounts enjoy higher spreads and lower leverage, options. Still, the leverage offered is rather high – the lowest account type, silver, gets to trade with up to 1:200 leverage on Forex! An amount of leverage this high is bound to be tempting and a make or break for many of those who join the broker. Many scammers try to use leverage like this to attract unsuspecting traders, but there is no Oinvest Fraud to talk about, so we are recommending them for you guys.

Most users will not be able to access the higher level accounts from the beginning, as it costs more to start trading with those. This should not be much of a problem since some of the more luxurious items that come with higher levels are not necessarily enhancing the level of trading. They are simply good things to have and make life more comfortable. Sometimes they produce better-informed traders, but overall, there isn’t much effect on the trading. The spreads are the only significantly changing detail, and with each currency pair having different levels of fixed spreads, it is important to consider what you will be going for when choosing an account type.

Oinvest opinion on spreads, leverage, and offers

Not that many Oinvest reviews are available online, which is not surprising, even if it is a bit of a shame. Despite this, the broker manages to retain a relatively respectable reputation among professional reviewers. The users who spend the most time with the broker don’t tend to talk about it. The reason for this is simple – there is not much to talk about. Most reviewers only get treason to produce a review online after they have a negative experience with a casino, or when the casino specifically requests a review. The thing is, nobody has really had a negative experience with the broker. And while there are not that many reviews online, the ones that are available are mostly positive, which is why we consider the website to have a good reputation among its users.

If you are wondering “is Oinvest legit?” then you are also probably curious about whether they have a license or not. Well, we are happy to inform you that they do! The license they have is from FSCA, which granted them a license to operate and is responsible for oversight over the activities of the company. So far, the license has not been revoked and there have been no issues regarding Oinvest reported to the authorities. This means that the company is reliable and that it can be trusted to operate accordingly. The FSCA is a South African financial regulatory body and is respected in the region.

Oinvest MT4 and other platforms

The broker operates on several platforms. They provide users with access to the Metatrader4 platform, which is highly respected in the industry and beloved by many brokers and users. Oinvest also provides its users with access to their own browser-based trading platform. This one is well built and dedicated to the needs of all kinds of traders. The web trader provides the users with good experience in working with the broker and is intuitive and easy to use. For those who prefer to trade on their mobile devices, the broker also provides a mobile trading platform. All of these are well optimized, highly user-friendly and easy to trade with. Great stuff, really!


There are certain issues that the broker faces, but you can be confident that there is not Oinvest scam that will endanger your funds. This is a good broker, with good qualities and the potential to become the best in the region, only if they grow and offer better services to their users. We highly recommend working with the platform, if you are looking for a broker in South Africa.

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