Full Review of PipFarm Forex Prop Trading Firm — All You Need to Know!

Full Review of PipFarm Forex Prop Trading Firm — All You Need to Know!

Minimum deposit

125 USD


25% discount on the first purchase

Maximum leverage


Year founded



Not required*

Trading platform


*Prop trading firms are not typically required to get regulated, as these firms do not offer trading services but trading capital.

PipFarm is a Forex proprietary trading firm, meaning it does not offer trading services, but uses its own capital for trading operations. The firm has a funded account with different funding ranges. It offers funded accounts and evaluates traders’ performance before letting them trade for profits. This is a very good chance for profitable traders to start speculating on financial markets with much larger capital than what they can afford themselves.

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A Quick PipFarm Background Overview

PipFarm is operated by ECI Ventures Pte. Ltd, a company based in Singapore. The firm offers evaluation and funding account services. It was founded in 2024 making PipFarm a very young prop firm, but the feedback from traders on Trustpilot is super positive which is always a good sign. These good reviews are also caused by the firm’s simplistic approach towards trading rules. There are only a handful of rules to follow to get funded and start making and withdrawing profits. Traders can also use a discount which reduces the price of their first purchase by 25% making it even more affordable to become a prop trader. The profit share is staggering 90% which is super competitive in the prop trading space, allowing traders to withdraw 90% of profits made on the funded accounts.

Safety of PipFarm Prop Firm

When it comes to safety, the number one factor with prop firms is their reputation online and experience in the industry. PipFarm has very positive trader feedback on Trustpilot, with high start reviews. This is always a good sign, considering the firm is relatively young. Since there are so many overwhelmingly positive reviews, PipFarm seems a legit and reliable company. Another aspect why PipFarm seems legit is the number of trading rules. There are only a few rules and zero hidden rules, which is a critical factor. Overall, Pipfarm seems the prop firm that can be trusted.

Steps to Start Prop Trading Career at PipFarm

In order to start trading for profits on large accounts, PipFarm offers several seed funding amounts. Traders can select between these accounts during the sign-up process, pay a small fee, and start the evaluation phase. Deploy a trading strategy that has a relatively high win rate and good risk-reward ratio, as PipFarm has a daily risk limit of 4%.

PipFarm Trading Assets

PipFarm allows traders to speculate on a range of financial markets, including:

  • 6 metals, including Gold
  • 3 energies including oil
  • 10+ Forex pairs
  • 14 indices
  • 6 crypto assets including BTC and ETH

The maximum leverage is capped at 1:30, which is very flexible as traders are operating large accounts anyway. Spreads start from 0 pips on major Forex pairs and trading commission is 6 USD per lot traded round turn.

PipFarm Funding Options

fees and accounts

PipFarm provides a wide range of funding options from 10k USD to 200k USD with a scaling plan of up to 500k USD accounts. The scaling plans allow traders greater flexibility to start small and increase their accounts gradually together with making profits. It is activated every 30 days and requires a 12% profit target hit. The funding accounts come with different and competitive fees. Here are all the funding options provided by PipFarm FX prop firm:

  • 10,000 USD — 125 USD
  • 20,000 USD — 225 USD
  • 50,000 USD — 475 USD
  • 100,000 USD — 875 USD
  • 200,000 USD — 1675 USD

As we can see, the fees are super competitive when compared to other popular prop firm. However, PipFarm prop traders have an advantage, the firm offers a 25% discount on the first purchase which reduces these costs even further.

PipFarm Rules

PipFarm has very few rules to follow: A 4% daily risk limit forces traders to not lose more than 4% on any given trading day. A maximum drawdown of 8% means traders can not lose more than 8% of their account overall. The required profit target is 12% and depending on the trading account it can vary:

  • 10,000 USD — 25,000 USD max funding — 1,200 USD profit target
  • 20,000 USD — 50,000 USD max funding — 2,400 USD profit target
  • 50,000 USD — 125,000 USD max funding — 6,000 USD profit target
  • 100,000 USD — 250,000 USD max funding — 12,000 USD profit target
  • 200,000 USD — 500,000 USD max funding — 24,000 USD profit target

Traders can exercise any trading strategy as PipFarm allows all types of trading except HFT (High-Frequency Trading) and trade copiers. The reason is, that these strategies are very costly and difficult to replicate. Traders can trade during high-impact news, and hold positions overnight, and over the weekends. The trading is 24/7 allowed for crypto assets, which is super flexible.

PipFarm Trading Platforms

PipFarm cTrader is an advanced trading platform offering plenty of functionality. The platform comes with inbuilt indicators and support for both custom technical indicators and trading robots (cBots). The leverage allowed is 1:30, and PipFarm also requires traders to open all positions with stop loss. PipFarm cTrader enables firms to enforce these stop loss conditions so that new positions can not be opened without setting stop loss orders in advance. Aside from an advanced trading platform, PipFarm also provides a trader dashboard with useful inbuilt features to help traders monitor their progress and rank scores. Overall, when it comes to trading platforms, cTrader is a very solid option for both beginner and experienced traders.

PipFarm Additional Features

PipFarm provides plenty of useful features to its prop traders to support their growth. There is a 25% discount on the first purchase to reduce one-time fees for funding accounts, and a ranking system with level-up possibilities. Traders get experience points for conducting various activities like making 50 and 100 pips profits. By collecting these experience points, traders can level up and unlock various benefits. The complete rank system and corresponding benefits are:

  • Rank 1 — No longer stop loss requirements
  • Rank 2 — extended inactivity period from 14 days to 28 days
  • Rank 3 — Series D funding to increase maximum funding even further
  • Rank 4 — 50% lower commissions
  • Rank 5–1:50 leverage
  • Rank 6 — Payouts allowed at any time (processed under 24 hours)
  • Rank 7 — Daily loss increased from 4 to 5%
  • Rank 8 — 10% capital added to funded account
  • Rank 9 — only 15 days between each scaling (instead of standard 30)
  • Rank 10 — Free 100k test account
  • Rank 11 — Absolute drawdown calculator changes from relative to absolute (fixed risk allowance)
  • Rank 12 — Double scaling unlocked

With this leveling functionality, PipFarm ensures traders have fun while making profits with funded accounts.

PipFarm Education and Support

PipFarm offers very few educational resources, which is understandable as the firm is young and focuses on an experienced trader base with its simplistic rules. There is a blog and extensive FAQ section where the firm explains all its rules, features, and many important details about its services.

PipFarm support is excellent and is provided via live chat and email support to ensure quick response to trader inquiries.

Deposits and Withdrawals at PipFarm

There are no deposits at PipFarm, but the payments for funded accounts have 0 USD commissions. The withdrawals are processed within 24 hours and also bear no charges. Withdrawals can be upgraded via the ranking system to withdraw profits at any time.

PipFarm Review Conclusion — Can You Trust This Firm?

Overall, PipFarm presents itself as a promising young Forex prop trading firm with solid offerings, very positive trader feedback, and simplistic trading rules. The funding ranges from 10k to 200k with a scaling plan of up to 500,000 USD funding. The evaluation consists of just one phase where traders have to trade with stop loss, not lose more than 5% on any given trading day, maintain maximum losses above 8%, and hit 12% profit targets. The firm has a 25% discount on the first purchase and allows all types of trading methods except HFTs and trade copiers.

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