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Let’s talk about Vestle Forex broker, the new kid in town

Let’s talk about Vestle Forex broker, the new kid in town

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It is time we started talking about the new brand that recently appeared on the market, Vestle Forex broker. These guys came onto the market what seems like weeks ago, and are already causing quite a stir for our team, and in the industry in general. While those who are trusting feel like the stir might be a positive thing, trust and listen to us that you should not be so optimistic. Our team, and every single professional team of reviewers that has ever dealt with a scam broker before knows the true nature of this broker. These guys are nothing to be trusted and nothing to be happy about. Their entrance onto the market only means trouble and spells misfortune who is trusting enough to try and set up their trading career with the Vestle scam. Why do you ask? Well, let’s get into the details about the company and find out why the reasonable ones among us think you should not trade with them, and the unreasonable think you should stay as far away from them as possible.

General Vestle.com review

The first thing we usually look at, as you know, is the page that the broker operates with. So we decided to go to the page, hoping to find something that would inspire out confidence in them. Especially considering the fact that we had heard so much about the broker. After all, we are always hoping to find something nice, even if we tend to be realistic and know we are mostly going to find garbage. This time, our expectations were fulfilled, fully. The page that the broker offers to the incoming users is utter garbage, a steaming heap of it to be honest. It is very noticeable the very first time you go to the page, even if you don’t immediately understand why you feel repulsed by the entire thing. That is exactly what happened when we first started working on this Vestle review. One of our teammates went to the website, said ew, and then struggled to figure out why he said ew in the first place. Eventually,  we were able to piece together the disgusting puzzle.

Vestle reivew

Most of it has to do with the decision to include a very large, cinematic aspect ratio banner at the top of their page. Then they populated the space with an ugly picture of a random dude doing random things with some graphs in front of him. The only natural reaction to that is “Ew”. The rest of the page is not much better either. It tries to offer you some information about the broker, but it does not provide anything clearly. It just tells you certain things that are not the entire information. For example, you can’t find more details about the license of the company, or how the withdrawal systems work or what they offer you, other than bonuses. in addition to allowing you to trade. This, in our honest Vestle opinion, is a way for them to hide something. Something like the fact that they are utter garbage at what they do.

Thankfully, we are a company that is very concerned with providing the correct information to our users, so we went ahead and explored the page until we got the answers we were looking for and we were interested in. This brought us to the realization that in terms of the general overview, generally, the existence of the company is useless and it is generally a bad company that should be avoided. Now, to get into more detail about why we think so.

Is Vestle legit? About the Licensing

The legitimacy of this company has, at this point, questioned so many times that you are probably surprised why we would be asking this question again at this point. The thing is, we like to give people a chance. So we decide to look into the license that the company has been given. The thing is, the company claims that they have been given a license to operate in Europe by CySec, one of the most trusted regulators in this region of the world. This is why we are currently hesitating to call Vestle fraud what it is because we are guessing that the regulator trusts them for now. But the thing is, even the greatest minds of a generation can be wrong. And this time around, we think that the license could have had better applications, such as being denied to the company.

Is Vestle legit?

Vestle Withdrawal, Deposit and platform-related information

So, in order to figure out the info, we did a bit of research. On the homepage of the website, the broker provides a few images that talk about their payment systems. But, the problem is, they don’t provide any details on the rats and on the deposit and withdrawal times. They just say that users can use cards to make deposits. This is a worrying piece of information about the company, as without the information on withdrawals we cannot be sure that they can be trusted with the task of giving back the money that the traders either earned or simply deposited with them. How can Vestle be trusted if they do not provide the information on the framework of withdrawals and deposits with them? The website does not detail this information at all, which is quite a shame and really bad for its rating.

Vestle bonus offers

If you look at the page long enough, you will also notice that there are a number of Vestle promotions offered most of the time. The two promotions the company is offering at the time of writing this seem to be mostly not promotions but simple offers. The one on one trading offer and the demo account offer, which both, while quite interesting and useful, are nothin special and offered by most other companies that have ever worked in the industry. The company seems to be offering no other promotions at the time, neither has it offered any other bonus offers at any other time. So you could say that saying these are promotions is nothing more than a sub-par company would come up with in order to get the attention of new users. Instead, they should be called what they are: just an offer to work with the broker in the context of either one on one training or having a demo account.

Vestle bonus

The final word on the Vestle FX brokerage

If you have, after reading all of that, still come here with the question of what our final word on the broker will be, you need to pay closer attention to what you are reading. We think that the broker is one of the worst we have seen. They offer nothing new and the old things that they are saying they offer are not even talked about in detail. While we are hesitating from calling them an outright scam, because they are only barely a year old, we are going to say that they are probably a scam and that you should avoid them at all costs. Do you like your money? Do you like having your money? Do you like being able to trade with your money in a way that allows you to have more money? Then the company is not for you.

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