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by ForexNewsNow Team on October 3rd, 2016

Brokers With Fintech Approach

A new generation of financial services providers is shaking up the industry. For traditional banks and investing service providers, fintech is a scary development because it is causing banks to lose clients who are feeling burdened and underserved. But for investors seeking relief, fintech is the answer. Here is a look at some of the Forex brokers with fintech approach.

eToro – copy top strategies automatically

eToro is best known as a social trading platform for forex, equity and other assets. Founded in 2007 and boasting more than $62 million in funding, eToro provides users with a platform where they can improve their returns by copying the strategy of top traders.


Investors using eToro platform can copy expert trades manually or enable automatic copying. With automatic copying, you can copy the strategies of professional traders even when you are sleeping.

eToro, which has been expanding into more countries, was early this year named by CNBC among the hottest fintech startups to watch.

A 2015 report showed that about 50% of investors on eToro platform copy other traders’ strategies while 5% of investors are copied.

Darwinex – assess risks before you invest


Darwinex is a different kind of social trading broker. It is viewed more as an asset manager. Instead of merely providing a platform where subscribers can copy expert trading strategies, it enables subscribers to first assess a trading strategy before they can settle for it. For instance, an investor using Darwinex is able to view risks in a particular trading strategy and then decide whether the risk is within their comfort zone.

To make it possible for subscribers to make more informed investment decisions, Darwinex analyzes trading strategies and ranks them based on risk, performance and experience. That is why Darwinex is more of an asset manager than a trade copying platform. Darwinex platform allows you to trade forex and other assets.

Darwinex was founded in 2012 and it is based in London, the U.K.

Trade360 – wisdom in crowd movements


Trade360 is described as a CrowdTrading platform that is based on the wisdom of crowds. Investors on Trade360 are provided with tools that enable them to monitor events that move markets and how large groups of traders are investing. That enables users of Trade360 to make informed trading decisions.

A wide range of assets can be traded on Trade360 platform. The assets include forex, equity, ETFs, indices and commodities.

You can sign up for a demo account on Trade360 platform, which will give you $60 bonus for training. A standard Trade360 account requires a minimum deposit of $100. Trade360 traders can withdraw from their account a minimum of $25 and the withdrawal is typically processed within 24 hours, through bank transfers can take longer.

Trade360 was founded in 2013.

Tradeo – in-house broker or choose yours


Tradeo is another social trading platform for forex and CFDs. Investors on Tradeo can follow and copy strategies of pro traders to maximize their returns. Though Tradeo has an in-house brokerage service, subscribers are free to choose their own broker from a list of Tradeo’s broker partners.

Tradeo only offers one standard account that requires a minimum deposit of $100. New traders can sign up for a demo account that gives them $50,000 in virtual money to trade with as they test the platform and build confidence in the trading tools provided to them.

You can download Tradeo app for mobile. Tradeo was founded in 2012.

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