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by Lucas Bedwell on May 22nd, 2024

Historic $2 Billion Settlement: New York Attorney General’s Deal with Genesis

The recently appointed Attorney General of New York, Letitia James has recently obtained a record $2 billion settlement from the cryptocurrency lending platform known as Genesis in order to compensate the investors who require funds after being scammed. Following the constant abuse of the investors, this major record of $100 million compensation should be seen as a minimum achievement in fulfilling justice towards the victims.

Genesis was one of the many companies in the digital currency industry, which is affiliated to the Digital Currency Group (DCG), that experienced the chain pullout emanating from the FTX crash. The company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in January, 2023 due to severe fiscal challenges that seemed nearly unbearable.

Attorney General James was also keen to point out the importance in the settlement pointing out that it made the victims who invested in Genesis have something to get a whiff of justice. She stressed the future significance of the case and described it as one of “the realistic losses can take place because of the absence of the rules and regulations in the business of the cryptocurrencies. ”

The genesis of the dispute can be traced back to October, this following James filing a lawsuit that sought to hold DCG, Genesis, as well as Gemini Trust responsible. It alleged that these entities misled investors concerning the Gemini Earn program and that the value of the funds used by them had dropped to more than $1 billion. These further escalated in February where allegations of the fraudulent activities that DCG and Genesis had carried out to embezzle investors’ funds exceeding $2 billion. However, due to pressure and scrutiny from DCG, Genesis was allowed to use their Chapter 11 repayment plan, which included the settlement overseen by James’s office.

Details of the Settlement and Its Implications

Concerning the chemicals compliance case, Genesis has not admitted negligence, and moreover it has not disputed the claims made in the lawsuit. Worthy to note is the fact that the settlement agreement has provisions that deny Gemini any form of coverage. Another essential feature of the agreement is the restriction that prevents the Genesis from carrying out its activities within New York State. Furthermore, a victim compensation fund has been set up to cover, at a minimum, over $1. 29 billion in investments that at least 29,000 New York residents have reportedly lost. To achieve the revenue goal of $1 billion through the Gemini Earn product.

The same has also been following the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)’s action against Gemini as well as Genesis for the sale of securities in an unregistered manner. The bankruptcy court has signed the separate settlement addressing this complaint.

The restructuring is a repayment strategy for consumers, after Genesis stopped user withdrawals in November 2022, while a part of the plan also includes the development of new futures products by leasing extra capital. Assets that may be collected for the benefit of the compensation fund will be collected from the ensuing distributions of estates of bankruptcy of Genesis. If these creditors cannot be fully paid for the current value of digital assets, Howden is expected to receive up to $2 billion from the remaining assets of Genesis.

This decision heralds a turning point to the future of cryptocurrencies through raising the need for conventional supervisory and legal reforms to minimize such a massive embezzlement scam in the future. Here, the settlement not only seeks to restore the monetary loss incurred by investors as a result but also paves the way for how future cases like this can be resolved.

It has prompted debates in the financial market concerning its potential effect on the future of cryptocurrency and the impact of laws on this nascent industry. Some of the special features, debates between the analysts regarding Alphabet, a Chinese electric vehicle maker and more, as we watch and wait for the CPI report which came in at 3%. The CPI for the latest quarter stood at a 4% year-over-year increase, and a recent quarterly report from Berkshire Hathaway anticipates a concentrated stock report for Q1 2024.

By Lucas Bedwell

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