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by George on December 11th, 2019

What can financial affiliates learn from iGaming counterparts?

Making a successful business in today’s technologically savvy world is both easy and difficult. On the one hand, future entrepreneurs are provided with every opportunity at their disposal such as knowledge base, the experience of others, easily-accessible communities, etc. On the other hand, however, the same abundance of tools produces a lot of new entrepreneurs and businesses, making the whole industry dense and difficult to sort yourself out.

One of the most important tools in making your business work is marketing. And today, digital marketing is taking the lead. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, and many others are all various tools for successfully selling your service or product to the customer.

According to one conventional wisdom in this area, the more money you paid in marketing, the better the recognition of your brand. And even though it was somewhat true several decades ago, today, it’s more about how you can reach the same, or even more fame and recognition without spending a fortune on it.

Marketing middlemen

And one of the ways of doing that is called affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is playing by somewhat different and unconventional rules of marketing experience. Instead of PR-ing its own services or products, an affiliate – be it financial, educational, or even casino affiliate partner – uses its platform in order to popularize other companies.

When it comes to the financial affiliation, the middlemen who are called affiliate partners push their financiers’ credit programs, debit/credit cards, deposit accounts, etc. Basically, a financial company entrusts its affiliate with the marketing of its products/services.

The financial affiliates then get rewarded by their partners only after the results have been revealed. It means that their performance is directly proportional to their paycheck – there are no pre-payments or partial payments. That’s why affiliates need to perfect their marketing tools and techniques so that their coverage, as well as online traction (since the majority of affiliates are based on the internet), increases.

It’s no coincidence that we’ve mentioned casinos above. One thing that’s so exceptional about this industry is how they sell their services and attract millions of customers. iGaming marketing proves to be among some of the most successful strategies in the world. That’s why it’s important that financial affiliates share some of the most successful tools and strategies that we’re going to list in this article.

1. Perfect your mobile platform

Since the technologies are transforming the online desktop experience into a mobile experience, smartphones are getting more and more refined and sophisticated. Some of the most recent smartphones including Samsung Galaxy S10 Note and iPhone 11 Pro Max are even more powerful than many laptops out there.

So, it’s reasonable that the whole world is migrating to mobile services and platforms. And the iGaming industry is certainly one of them. According to the studies, almost 90% of iGaming affiliates already have a mobile-optimized website, and 15% of them even have their own apps for iOS and Android. Furthermore, 39% of those affiliates claim that more than half of their website traffic comes from mobile-friendly websites.

While some financial affiliates have already created an accompanying mobile website for their platforms, the overwhelming majority has still to discover this trend in mobile usage and adjust to it accordingly.

2. Choose a specific area

Another pretty useful insight from iGaming affiliates into how affiliate marketing can be perfected is their use of so-called “target markets”. The mere decision to put your money into marketing and cover the whole world with your word won’t cut it by any stretch of the imagination. You, as a financial affiliate, have to find a specific country or a region that has the biggest potential for your partner’s products.

iGaming operators, in this sense, are still quite resourceful. They direct the areas where they predict the biggest outcome lies. For example, the UK and Western Europe are the biggest areas of iGaming destinations for those affiliates since the gamers from those areas are quite affluent and able to dedicate more finances to gambling.

To acquire this kind of knowledge, you as a financial affiliate can do one of two things: you can either build a team of marketers with excessive knowledge and experience or, if it’s not in your abilities, you can hire a specific marketing agency who can do exactly the same job for you.

3. Find a suitable partner

This next, and final advice on our list is to look for those partners that have the most up-to-date platforms, sound legal material, and technology in general. The iGaming affiliates have acquired quite an extensive knowledge into whom to trust as an employer, as well as how to assess their offerings and products/services. For example, they don’t cooperate with those game providers that are seemingly licensed by, say, SVGFSA (St. Vincent and the Grenadines Financial Services Authority) but in truth, they aren’t restricted by any regulatory framework.

As a financial affiliate, you can look for those companies that, for instance, offer cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin in their payment methods. This digital currency offers expanded security and convenience to its users and can be a pretty good indicator of what the business offers to the customers.

Take your affiliation program to the next level

In conclusion, financial affiliation is one of the most popular marketing strategies for many financial companies out there. And this poses a great opportunity for many small intermediaries to take a step further towards success.

When setting up a financial affiliate company, keep in mind to reach the audience on their most intimate devices – smartphones; target your audience so that you’re not reaching for the whole world; find a partner that’s worthwhile your affiliate efforts. And remember that the iGaming affiliates can provide extensive insight into this activity.

By George

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