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by Mariami on December 21st, 2018

Coinbase launches new educational program

Recently, we have talked about the importance and the need of educational sources for those who are interested in starting trading cryptocurrencies and even investors who already hold them. There are not many reliable courses that offer materials for learning cryptocurrencies from the beginner level to an expert, with their new program Coinbase is going to cover it all. The largest crypto exchange in the United States has launched a new educational program named Coinbase Earn. With it, they are offering users to learn about crypto and earn some of it during the learning process.

Coinbase believes that their education program will encourage the public to learn more about the new technology in a fun and engaging way. With Coinbase Earn, people will be learning about cryptocurrencies with lessons like watching videos and participating in quizzes to get rewards. The reward will be handed over in tokens, to help the users try the assets out while learning about them and it’s technology.

Are you already on the waiting list?

Coinbase has recently made the survey of their customers and non-customers. The results of the survey have shown that there are a lot of people who would like to explore the digital assets but lack information about them. From the answers of the people, it is clear that many of them want to start learning about new and different crypto assets, beyond Bitcoin, but they simply do not know where to start.  As the demand is very high, Coinbase has decided to enable the program only for a certain amount of the people for now. So the newly launched program is not for everyone yet and is invite-only. Although, the educational materials are available for anyone in the world. Those who did not get the invitations, but want to learn the cryptos and earn them at the same time, there is a wishlist that allows people to sign up for joining the program later.

The new way to get a cryptocurrency

Coinbase, in its announcement, has also talked about the reason why many people are not keen on trading cryptocurrencies yet. If you want to have crypto you need to either start mining or simply buy it. Mining of cryptocurrencies requires technical knowledge and is connected to high costs that one needs to pay upfront. As for the buying crypto, it might require quite some disposable income to exchange for cryptocurrencies. For many people these two options are limited, that’s why Coinbase decided to create the new way of getting cryptocurrency. Now the users of Coinbase Earn will be able to earn crypto as a reward. In the beginning, Coinbase will only give rewards in  ZRX token. But as they ensure, over time they will be adding some other cryptocurrencies with the new educational content.

To expand the news about the new Coinbase Earn and promote it to people, Coinbase has launched a 12-day program in the holiday seasons. They will also be announcing new features daily.

By Mariami

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