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by Konstantine Beridze on August 20th, 2019

European banks consider boosting number of women day trading

The day trading market in Europe has been struggling to expand lately, which is why European banks and regulatory bodies are considering making adjustments to some of the regulations and the way the markets work, in order to attract more people, and specifically, more women into the industry. The decision to attract more women has not been made but is being considered at the moment by the largest regulators and banks. The Association for Financial Markets of Europe and the Investment Association, two of the most important financial regulatory and financial asset management companies, are the ones leading the discussion and talking to their members on the subject.

Shortening the trade window

The current markets open early and close late, which is why many people have been considering the situation to be a little suboptimal, especially for people who wish to spend a lot of time with their families. Combine this with the fact that the markets are currently male-dominated, and you will see ho the two considering to shorten the trading day is potentially a way to attract women to the day trading business. The day trading industry is quite lucrative and could attract many people, but the length of the day has been a notorious barrier for many potential workers in the industry. There are many who have expressed a desire to Learn Bond’s day trading guide but have been unable to enter the markets because of the inability to participate during the times that trading is available.

Shortening the trading day would also possibly have a positive effect on the mental health of the traders. The industry is notorious for giving traders a hard time, especially because of the long days, as a work-life balance is hard to keep in such a work environment. Shortening the day could be beneficial to mental health and attract more traders, even female traders who are more willing to spend less time at work and more with family. The potential to close the markets an hour early and open them an hour late is exciting a number of traders but is also causing many companies a bit of distress as they believe they might have a smaller window of trade and potential for less income through the shorter day.

While the health benefits are considered a lot, the main concern for the market regulators is the lack of women in the industry. They are hoping to make it a little more attractive to women and grow the number of women both in leadership positions and generally present within the industry. The discussion to introduce shorter workdays has only started, and there are no definitive decisions made yet, but there is consideration of the idea and it might result in an interesting outcome for the entire industry.

By Konstantine Beridze

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