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by Konstantine Beridze on December 5th, 2018

Forex New Years Promotion live now!

We have a great update for all of you: Forexnewnow is collaborating with one of our favorite Forex Brokers, XM, to produce a New Years promotion for all of you!

This year’s promotion is simple – you enter and if you are picked you win one thousand dollars. Now, if you are skeptical, good. We have worked hard over a very long time to get you to have a septical outlook on everything (thank you for our reviewers). Though you can go ahead and check out the promotion yourself. We are doing this for two simple reasons – we want to get more people interested in Forex trading and because we want to help one lucky person start the New Year 2019 with a nice bonus and an extra spring to their step.

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The form of the Promotion

The idea behind the promotion is rather simple. You go to the website of the promotion, register with your email and you are in! The promotion is more of a raffle than anything else, so it depends entirely on your luck to win. Either that or being persistent. Because the other way to get your name more likely to be picked is to refer other people to the promotion. You can share it on twitter, facebook and other social media, as well as your email, to basically gain additional raffle tickets.

Claiming the Winnings

Though don’t worry, you are still very likely to win even if you only enter your email once. The goal of the promotion, after all, is to get you into the world of Forex. If you do end up winning the money, it will be deposited onto a trading platform account with XM. Though worry not, if you do not think that trading is for you or you don’t enjoy the process, you can simply withdraw the entire amount from your account without ever having to have traded. Convenient free money. If I, as an affiliate of ForesNewsNow had not been expressly prohibited by my boss from participating, I would have been all over twitter sharing this stuff.

Just do it

We really hope you decide to participate in the raffle. The point of it, after all, is to give away money. You are losing nothing by participating and getting a chance at a thousand dollars. I mean even if you don’t end up trading, this could be a nice ski trip to the mountains. Or maybe if you are more of a family person, some nice new things for your dear family and friends. Just don’t end up spending it all in one go.

Click here to get a chance to win $1000!

By Konstantine Beridze

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