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by Tornike on March 27th, 2019

A full list of successful Forex traders in Nigeria

Nowadays everyone wants to become a successful Forex trader in the shortest period of time, but literally, no one wants to work hard to get to a high level of expertise. Surprisingly, Nigeria, located in the western part of Africa is among the countries, which are famous for having some of the youngest FX traders. The majority of you may not believe that they’re making thousands of dollars in profits, without even leaving the homeland.

We have compiled a list of the top forex traders in Nigeria, as we are sure many of you are interested in learning more about their past, helping you find the right direction. Don’t get us wrong, imitating the exact methodologies of the richest forex traders in Nigeria will not benefit you by any means. Sometimes capturing the right opportunities may be the key to success. If you wish to start off your career in Forex, it is important to find a licensed and well-regarded broker for that, especially since some of them offer bonuses for beginners. You can register at one such brokerage by clicking the button below.

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No one knows who will appear next on the list of successful FX traders in Nigeria. It’s high time to mention some of the FX experts, that are indeed making a real fortune by just executing hundreds of trades a day. Grab a piece of paper to take some notes, find a comfortable place to enjoy the article, which will hopefully give you enough motivation to get things started.

Mr. Uche ParaGon

Uche ParaGon richest forex trader in nigeria

Let me introduce you to the young entrepreneur who has successfully managed to trade currency pairs and commodities in the early beginnings of his career, leading to becoming one of the best Nigerian Forex traders. Surprisingly, one of the leading trading platforms, that we’ve mentioned earlier was having a summer campaign, offering percentage-based bonuses onto any amount of deposit.

Paragon was surfing through hundreds of articles on the web to learn about the ways of making money and the above-described offer caught his attention in a matter of seconds. He registered the trading account and everything changed since that day. However, it took him several months to gain the necessary knowledge related to Forex.

After familiarizing himself with some advanced methodologies, Mr. Uche started trading currency pairs straight away with great success. Additionally, some of the best forex traders in Nigeria decided to get in touch with the young trader to capitalize on upcoming talent. However, he refused to partner with local individuals and continued placing orders remotely.

According to one of the interviews, published by leading Africa-based publication, Uche made a real fortune after starting to trade crude oil, surely that move was a game-changer for the young entrepreneur. Having the capability of putting orders on the major energy source provider to the hundreds of countries worldwide, this ability accelerated the growth of his career. Today, Uche Paragon net worth accounts for about $16 Million, all due to his diligence and hard work.

As a matter of fact, Mr. Uche ParaGon spends the majority of his time trading on the Forex market. However, he did mention that songwriting, as well as singing, were among his hobbies. Basically, it’s the perfect example of how even one opportunity can change an entire career of yours. The only thing that you have to do is to continue pursuing your dream of becoming the best by doing the actual hard work.

Sandile Shezi

Sandile Shezi successful forex traders in nigeriaSandile Shezi, is a South African trader of Nigerian origin. Growing in poverty with his grandmother, having no education and competing against the rough life didn’t stop Sandile Shezi from becoming one of the best traders in Africa, earning millions of dollars at the age of 23. Joining the trading platform was the first right decision, leading to him founding multiple rapidly growing companies, based in Africa.

Nevertheless, beginning the journey of becoming the youngest Nigerian FX trader was not the easiest thing to do. He had to borrow a one-year tuition fee, intended for studying at the university, to enter the market. Buying and later on selling the stocks, alongside with currencies, made Sandile some decent profits, but not taking the business decision seriously negatively affected the career growth of the young trader.

We should mention the fact that he had no background in economics, and investing in learning all kinds of Forex terminologies, trading methods and risk management systems were not accessible for him. That was the reason why Shezi decided to gather all the resources available for free on the internet to accumulate all the necessary knowledge. After spending multiple months in studying the ins and outs of the FX market, he placed the first order, making a significant amount of profits.

Having a chance of working with the most successful Nigerian Forex traders didn’t fascinate him by any means. Probably, he could make millions of dollars while choosing the right broker, but Sandile Shezi decided to establish a consulting company called Global Forex Institute to help thousands of entrepreneurs by giving them the knowledge along with some guidance to succeed in the FX market.

As a matter of fact, this Nigerian Forex trader’s success gave hope to the higher percentage of the population to create some sort of a stable income. Unfortunately, no one imagined being involved in international markets, especially the people from Africa. However, the so-called beginner’s classes, crafted by the young multi-millionaire gave everyone the opportunity to find happiness in terms of making enough money to support a family and daily needs.

The words of wisdom, that need to be shared among the inexperienced traders: “There’s no need of pursuing the money. Everyone especially the Forex traders should enjoy the process itself. That’s the only way of having a successful career” – Sandile Shezi.

Ajidahun Afioluwa

Ajidahun Afioluwa best forex trader in nigeria

The story of Ajidahun Afioluwa surely is the most unique one. Everything started when he was invited to the local conference, uniting the business-oriented individuals of the country. At first, he didn’t want to go to the event. However, the wish of investing a huge amount of capital made him join hundreds of entrepreneurs.

After a networking event, he started partnering with various top Nigerian Forex traders. However, placing the first order onto the marketplace was not successful at all. On the contrary, he lost thousands of dollars with no returns.

The so-called young entrepreneur, specializing in the trading niche, did not give up and continued the journey of finding the right trading strategy. Spending hours to experiment with various methodologies, which helped him find the one suited him, that earned Afioluwa six figures in profits per month for the period of a year.

One of the reasons why we’re fascinated with Afioluwa’s story is that despite facing the challenges every time while being on the journey, it didn’t stop him. On the contrary, it encouraged the trader to find the right ways of solving the problem. As far as we know, Afioluwa is not actively trading on the Forex market anymore, as he is investing capital into various long-term oriented stocks, helping him retire at the age of 28.

Mrs. Ezeako

Mrs Ezeako female Forex trader

Have you ever heard of Lite Forex? Actually, it is one of the Nigerian FX brokers on the existing market, offering minimal spreads to millions of customers. It was the first company Mrs. Ezeako started to work with, in the early years of trading.

We should mention the fact that she had a full-time job while learning the FX market. It took her quite a long time to get to the advanced level but after gaining the necessary knowledge along with experience, Ezeako targeted the major currency pairs for capitalizing on prospective profits.

Fortunately, she had enough luck to get the investments back, plus the profits to fund the on-going journey of becoming the first successful woman in the financial niche. From time to time, Ezeako attended various Forex-related conferences and events, leading to her understanding the major trends in the FX market.

The success story continued, she registered on tens of trading platforms to claim the bonuses, minimizing the chances of facing financial loss. Surprisingly, it did work out in terms of using the investment the right way. Without a doubt, there’s a lack of women entrepreneurs worldwide, especially in the Forex, but Mrs. Ezeako’s dedication ensured her to become one of the best forex traders in Nigeria.

Learning the history of one of them should empower others to do follow their dreams of becoming financially independent and creating the desired type of lifestyle to live in.

Key Takeaways

The probability of finding success in the Forex niche is quite high, considering the opportunities in the 21st century. After reading the success stories of three Nigerian Forex traders, most of you should understand the fact that everything is about having a goal of becoming the best in the desired field of expertise. Even the traders, located in the rural parts of Africa have managed to learn the basics of Forex, familiarize themselves with some of the advanced trading methods and find the right brokers.

It should empower millions of beginner traders like you to take action as fast as possible, without thinking about the possible failure. It’s an on-going journey of becoming profitable while dealing with hundreds of failures. Remember one and only thing, quitting the market, even during the times of being financially dependent, will not help you solve the issue. On the contrary, find the right solution and continue hustling until it finally pays off.

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By Tornike

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