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by Mariami on January 8th, 2019

Bitcoin IRA’s new white-label solution

Bitcoin IRA – Los Angeles based cryptocurrency company has announced the launch of the new white-label solution, which must be the turnkey for the enterprise business.  The new solution is mainly targeted to the RIAs – registered investment advisors, financial advisors, wealth managers, and some other licensed money managers. The system is created to allow above-mentioned financial advisors and their customers to invest in Bitcoin-based retirement funds.

COO comments on launching the new platform

As the COO of Bitcoin IRA, Chris Kline has advised in his comments on launching the new system, the company aims to offer the new solution to work closely with the financial advisors in different industries. This will allow them to offer their service to the wider demographic and expand their coverage. He also claimed that despite the bearish market and recent drops in prices of cryptocurrencies the demand and interest of holding them are still extremely high. Therefore, As Kline has stated with their new platform financial advisors have the ability to invest their clients in crypto, now before the prices may get high again in 2019.

What else does white-label platform have to offer?

The newly launched white-label platform offers several services to the customers of financial advisors that makes working with them more comfortable. Such as 24-hours access to the market. Customers can have access to their own accounts for trade executions, at the same time the financial advisors also have an allowance to access their customers’ accounts on behalf of them. The platform also provides complete back-end administrative control to the fund managers. It will allow them to monitor their customer’s accounts. Bitcoin IRA aims to provide the full transparency to the financial advisors and their customers, therefore the platform will not hold any funds meaning that distribution of the management fees will happen in real time, after completion of each trade order after completion of every trade order, management fees will be distributed in real time.

IRA retirement funds

At the beginning of establishing their business, Bitcoin IRA was providing retirement-oriented investment services to its clients. IRA’s retirements funds are the savings accounts, that offers certain tax advantages to the savers that are intended to be accessed at the time of the saver’s retirement. Soon after establishing their name on the market the company started to expand its reach in the industry. For example, they have launched a self-trader platform. The system is designed for the customers who have savings with the firm and allows them to buy, sell and swap cryptocurrencies directly inside their retirement accounts.

Investor alert

Here we must mention that due to the high demand on cryptocurrencies and a big hype about the crypto industry, many new funds have appeared in the United States that are oriented on retirement funds. Due to the high amount of such companies the office of Investor Education and Advocacy, which is the branch of the US Securities and Exchange Commision has issued an alert last year. The investor alert was issued regarding self-directed individual retirement accounts that are promoting investment in cryptocurrencies within their service of savings.

By Mariami

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