by Martin on October 22nd, 2018

RippleNet now in a partnership with Moneynetint

Ripple has already been deemed as one of the best ways of transferring funds in a quickly and efficiently through cryptocurrency. No wonder that it is becoming one of the most heavily traded cryptos on the market and a very popular crypto for banks. Recently it has been having some fights with Ethereum about the second place on the crypto market, but ultimately still fell on the third place. Although, it is still very much possible that the upcoming price increases will boost the cryptocurrency towards a successful future not only on the market but in industries as well.

The Big News

Ripple has signed yet another partnership with a company in the United Kingdom. The company’s name is Moneynettint and it offers foreign exchange services, specifically global and cross-border currency exchanges. Moneynettint has already been eyeing up the cryptocurrency industry and looking for ways to integrate into it. They are looking for ways to service their global corporate partners in a more efficient and fast way.

The company has already integrated with RippleNet. Furthermore, payment instructions are already being processed by the employees in order to start operations as fast as possible. Thanks to this agreement, Moneynettint will now be able to service their customers by providing payment processes in a decentralized manner.

The CEO of Moneyting has also emphasized his excitement for the co-signing. In his words, this may be one of the most successful and profitable ventures the company has gone on. Thanks to Ripple’s efficient ways of transferring funds, Moneynettint’s customers will surely find a safe haven with the company.

What is RippleNet

RippleNet is sort of a spin-off part of Ripple that was made in order to black out SWIFT. The primary purpose was easily achieved by the network. Essentially RippleNet was created as a blockchain cross-border payment network. With its help, individuals or companies are able to transfer large sums of money through more reliable, fast and cheap ways that banks are offering at the moment.

RippleNet has been quite a hit to a lot of large financial institutions around the world. Actually, companies in more than 100 countries have already been integrated into the RippleNet network. SWIFT has also had some kind of interest in the network, seeking a way to stay relevant. RippleNet believes that competition in this industry is very healthy and would very much like a partnership with SWIFT in order to acquire some of the experience that the network had already gathered, way before RippleNet was even in consideration.

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