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by Martin on January 20th, 2021

ShowFx World Online webinar with Mohd Zulkifli Mohd Din

Join us for a free ShowFx World Online webinar with Mohd Zulkifli Mohd Din on 27 of January!

Fibonacci levels are one of the most popular tools in technical trading.

They’re used to find potential retracement levels during strong trends and are based on Fibonacci ratios, identified by the famous 13th-century Italian mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci.

Fibonacci ratios, such as the Golden Ratio, can be found in sunflowers, galaxies, and even the human body! A lot of the wonders of the world hide certain Fibonacci ratios inside them, for example, Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

But most importantly, Cigku Zul

  1. Over 10 years of experience in Forex
  2. Has a network of over 5000 students from Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei
  3. The founder of the FMCBR trading Method: a powerful combination of Fibo Musang (FM) and Candlesticks Break and Retest (CBR)

On the webinar you will learn

  1. To learn the definition of Fibo levels
  2. To determine trend and pullback
    3. To determine the ending of trend and pullback
    4. To determine valid support and resistance with fibo level
    5. To get the maximum trading profit

Read more about the webinar and register for free participation here

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