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by Martin on March 2nd, 2022

Trade For Ukraine – Investors Globally Unite To Help

The waging war between Russia and Ukraine has sparked protests around the world. After the attack of Russian troops, hundreds of civilians lost their lives. Many people around the world decided to come together and help Ukraine, a country at the forefront of the war.

Many people around the world are using their power to fight against the injustice happening in Ukraine. One of the recent websites created online, which aims at mobilizing funds to support the Ukrainian soldiers and civilians, is

The website calls on financial market participants – everyone from traders, to brokers and liquidity providers, as well as trading platform developers, and everyone involved in the financial markets, in general, to find a way and support the Ukrainian heroes.

How can you help?

In situations like this, many people find it hard to look for options they have to provide support. The online community has found many ways to make it easier for everyone to become part of the change. The recently-created website is one of them. writes on its website that everyone who opens an account with one of the trading partners will be part of the support. All the affiliate proceeds received by the website will be used to aid Ukraine in these hard times. For brokers, once they confirm their donations, the website will list them in the honorable trading partners section, and provide the donations to Ukraine.


Individuals and businesses can also use the website as a way to confirm donations and get listed among the honorable mentions. The website has already received some donations, their names and donations can be viewed on the newly-created website.

In order to become the partner of the website, you simply have to make a contribution to one of the approved volunteer organizations. After this, simply contact the TradeForUkraine with the confirmation of the transactions and you will be listed on their website.

If you want your company to be number one on the list, you simply have to donate more money than the others have. The project was created and founded by Elite CurrenSea, Finance Makers, and their friends to help and support Ukraine.

By Martin

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