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by ForexNewsNow Team on June 26th, 2012

Xogee Forex Platform Provider Reviewed

ForexNewsNow – Xogee is a leading online forex trading software provider that produces trading platforms which allow forex brokers to offer some of the most advanced services and options in today’s retail forex market.

The company Xogee has more than 10 years of experience in this market which allows it to offer some of the best services available. The platforms developed by Xogee mainly focus on mode devices and web-based interfaces. Most Xogee forex platform reviews aren’t giving enough information about this provider, so we have decided to create a full article about this company.

Products Offered by Xogee

iPhone Trader for MT4

Xogee’s iPhone Trader is interconnected with the MetaTrader 4 server platform in order to allow online traders to access the services and options available through the MT4 platform right from their iPhones.

The iPhone Trader offers a multitude of options, such as price monitoring, creating watch lists, opening and closing instant and market orders, amends, places and others. It also gives access to an internal mailing system and can create different charts and graphs.

It also has a complete range of technical indicators and drawing objects such as Fibonacci retracement, trend lines and more. The platform can also provide the trader with the latest online trading news and developments.

iPad Trader

The iPad Trader pretty much offers the same services as the iPhone Trader, with the only difference that this platform has been customized in order to live up to the standards of iPad users and provide the best visual effects and the most efficient navigation.

The iPad platform has a multi-panel user interface, offers dockable panels, provides advanced charts with technical analysis and offers full support for portrait-landscape orientations. It can also integrate 4 desktops into one and monitor online updating prices in real time.

The iPad Trader can likewise monitor open positions as well as equities and exposures. It can also generate activity reports and contains various advanced features. The navigation of this platform is very user friendly and intuitive.

Android Trader

The Android Trader developed by Xogee has the exact same features as the iPhone Trader. Despite this, the “feel” of the platform is completely different which originates from the fact that it has been customized specifically for Android devices.

It’s very easy to learn to use this platform due to the intuitive design and simple, but elegant navigational menu. Traders also have the possibility to learn using this platform by watching various instructional material provided by Xogee.

Blackberry Trader

The Blackberry Trader designed and developed by Xogee contains the same features and usability as the iPhone and Android platforms. The Blackberry Trader is perhaps the most unique platform from the three smartphone platforms due to the fact that the Blackberry phone functions completely differently than the previous two devices.

WebTrader 4

WebTrader 4 is a white label online trading platform that can be used by a broker with its own logo and brand colors. It provides fully customizable trading possibilities and does not require the installing of any software whatsoever.

The platform is fully compatible with MetaTrader 4 and offers a multitude of possibilities. For example, traders will have the possibility to open a demo account right in their browsers at a broker that uses the WebTrader 4 platform. This aspect can hugely improve conversions.

The additional features provided by the WebTrader 4 platform are the same as in the case of the iPhone, Android and Blackberry platforms. Special features include a drag and drop technology that allows brokers to build their platform as they desire.

The navigation of this platform is very easy, but Xogee offers traders the possibility to learn every aspect of the platform from a total of 4 tutorials. These can be found on Xogee’s website.

WebTrader 5

The WebTrader 5 platform contains the exact same features and options as the WebTrader 4. The only difference lies in the fact that this platform is only compatible with the MetaTrader 5 system.

With the help of these two platforms, forex brokers will have the possibility to offer a large selection of services and allow players to access both the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 services through a brand-customized software platform.

Xogee Forex Brokers

The success of Xogee is best reflected from the big number of forex brokers that employ its platforms. For example, one forex broker that uses the platforms developed by Xogee is renowned company ACFX. Other brokers include renowned names such as AXITrader, ForexClub, IronFX and FXChoice.

Click Here to Try Xogee’s Trading Platforms at ACFX


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