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How to Use Donchian Channel Indicator

Majority of the traders don’t really know that the basics of the Forex trading are simple to learn. It does not take too much time to get things sorted out, the so-called newbies are in the need of the valuable information that will, later on, help them give the right direction.

Basically, you will always be given a chance of selling the stock at the highest possible price rather than the selling one. That’s the case when the Donchian channel indicator comes in hand, leading you towards the right place. 

You may be wondering why we’ve decided to emphasize on the above-mentioned technique. The reason is pretty simple, even the beginners with no experience at all can take in so much information in terms of learning how to operate with the indicators. This particular methodology is also known as the turtle trading system. Before declaring what it means, let’s mention some of the mandatory characteristics of the Donchian channel strategy. 

The Basic Formula

The values of the lower and upper bands are calculated by indicator digesting the range of periods, defined by the end-user. It leads to plotting roughly two lines onto the chart, according to the technique, the lower line defines the lowest possible price for the last X period of time. On the contrary, the upper one stands for the highest rate, also targeting the last period of a certain value.

Most of the automated Forex trading tools set the default value to the 20, but of course, you as a trader can always update the information, based on your needs or requirements. Nevertheless, there’s a chance of having the third line appeared while utilizing Forex Donchian channel indicator. Meaning that the centre line is the mean of the two values, that we have described earlier.

Tools indeed important for Forex Donchian channel indicator

Unfortunately, if it is your first time trading on the FX market,  you will have to read tons of information to gain the basics at first. Especially, getting know to the details of implementing the MetaTrader 4 is the crucial part of having success. Surely, there’re hundreds of automated programs to work with. However, the MT4 has already been tested by professional traders, brokers and investors. That’s the reason why everyone tends to recommend the software, without even thinking about the possible outcomes.

Once you’ve gained enough knowledge, we’re ready to continue working within the technique. Take some time to experiment with demo accounts, helping you to avoid spends tons of money on your mistakes.

How to Use Donchian Channel Indicator

Richard Davoud Donchian, the so-called expert of the futures traders and the pioneer in the niche of the managed futures, is the man behind the Donchian channel Forex theory. We should mention the fact that his career did successfully manage to influence the entire market of the technical analysis, leading to having the greatest experience of the trading.

As we have already mentioned, the Donchian channel indicator MT4 plots the standard two lines onto the dashboard of the trading software that you’re working on. You should be familiar with the idea of identifying the highest and lowest set of periods. If this part of the process is done correctly, then there’s nothing to worry about, at least at the beginning of the performance. 

Unfortunately, setting the right timeframe matters a lot in terms of having the proper beginning. You as trade are given a chance of deciding which one is worth rooting for. Classically, the value stands for having the 20 day period. However, you can always update the data into the custom indicator of the Admiral Donchain dashboard. Please don’t make any kind of change, if you’ve not tested the numbers beforehand through the virtual machines in order to avoid facing issues furthermore.

Installation of Donchian Channel Indicator MT4

Despite having worldwide popularity, the particular kind of indicator still needs to be installed proper way. Unfortunately, the executives of the MetaTrader software, have not yet decided to add the feature straightaway to the dashboard, but all the traders still have a hope of having the one available anytime soon.

Get ready to download the custom indicator in order to get things ready for the trading experience. Don’t forget the fact that the process should be executed through the help of the custom field, because there are tons of similar ones, that might not work properly. Even thousands of traders had their platform slowed down due to having the wrong version of the Donchian channel indicator Forex plugin.

Many of you may wonder why everyone roots for the MT4. One of the main reasons why traders are fascinated by the software is the capability of editing the programming language itself, leading to maximizing the possible profits. To summarize, if you’re among the people who have some sort of experience in the programming niche, use the knowledge for your advantage to compete against other brokers, locating in the different parts of the world.

Customers can choose hundreds of indicators, depending on their needs. The quantity of the users makes things easy for the MetaTrader4 because dealing with huge amount of data leads to accurate results. However, broker scammers use the opportunity to imitate the Donchian channel indicator mt4 alert, misleading users. That’s why following the legit instructions step by step, is always the best idea. Especially if you’re a beginner and have no idea how things work. 

Some people may recommend downloading the premium version of the plugin to avoid getting trouble with scammers. We surely will not make you purchase some sort of tools, but take sometime before making the final decision. If the investment you make into the software is worth the value, why would not you get the access? In case having the updated version downloaded, you will be provided with a professionally structured Donchian channel indicator.

How to Download Forex Donchian Channel Indicator for FREE

If you’ve decided not to make the right investment, then installing the legitimate version is the only thing to do for now. Don’t get complicated by having a bunch of versions, it definitely is easy to find out the proper one.

Wo do recommend networking with experienced traders onto the MT4 community. Those connections will help you identify possible scam alerts. If you know someone who has at least two or even three years of experience in trading, then ask him or her to provide you with the proper version of the Donchian channel Forex plugin.

Then click the help button, located to the right end of the dashboard. Visit the community page and download the package. Secure the file and copy it to your clipboard, because we will need it late on during the installation process.

Download the Donchian indicator the proper way

Select the file, write down the location of the plugin, then open the folder and paste the previously-downloaded indicator from the saved clipboard. If you’ve followed the instructions attentively, the Donchian channel indicator mt4 should have appeared into the list of the Navigator section. 

Explaining Donchian Channel Strategy

We will review three pillar techniques of the Donchian strategy. You will not have a hard time sinking in the golden nuggets. Please don’t skip these parts of the article, in another case, understanding the details of the report will be the hardest thing to deal with.

Turtle Trading

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind while reading the title?


We’re sure the majority of the first-time consumers will not get the main idea. However, telling you the fact that the above-mentioned technique helped quite a few people earn millions of dollars by utilizing all the resources the proper way. Before we talk about the Donchian channel indicator Forex theories, there’s one thing that has to be done. Let’s rewind to the past and reveal the greatest history of the financial market.

Group of newbie traders were looking for ways of making a fortune. Somehow they’ve connected with Two Wall Street brokers, making them millionaires in a matter of months after following the given strategy. You did hear the months properly, we’re sure that most of you worry about spending half of your life onto unnecessary things, but the timeframe that needs to be structured is not too much.

The secret being the Donchian Channel Indcators

So the groups of the novices were also known as turtles, because they had no idea what to do in their lives and making a one step forward took them years of hustle, without even having the right path to follow. Back then, financial guru Bill Eckhardt made a bet with Richard Dennis, questioning what it takes to become the greatest trader, the pure talent of the proper education.

Without a doubt, things started to take off without even thinking about creating the Donchian channel indicator mt4 alert system. Dennis decided to purchase the advertisement space in the Wall Sreet publication for the purpose of promoting the century question. Applicants were chosen and later on given one million US dollar to operate with. 

Of course, the turtles were the young entrepreneurs, with a hope of making millions of dollars. Surely they had no idea how to how to use Donchian channel indicator, but still, they managed to earn up to $35 million in profits in less than a month period. People had no idea what kind of strategies they utilized, but simplicity was the only key to their success. 

After years of researching, experts have found out that the young traders were using the Donchian channel Forex methodologies. Undoubtfully, it did not operate like the current one but that was the actual beginning of the Donchian trading system. 

Revelling the System Details

So-called Turtles relied on two breakout techniques. The first system implemented a 20-day price breakout for the entry. Nonetheless, the entries themselves were filtered out by the rules, increasing the chances of identifying the possible trends. Considering the fact that the signal was ignored if the latest one was profitable in terms of trading.

Nevertheless, the filtering system had all kinds of issues, causing tons of problems. Can you even imagine the traders even bypassing the breakout point? No one knew in advance if it would be the beginning of the most profitable trend of just the downfall of the huge extent.

What you need to know in advance about Donchian channel indicator mt4 alert

In case skipping the 20-day breakout, they had to think of the way of getting back to the market. That was the perfect time of implementing the 55-day technique, leading to massive success. Turtles started to catch each and every upcoming trend. They were purchasing a 55-day breakout if they’ve been part of the market. If the majority of them were out, rooting for the short period one was the second option.

According to the Donchian channel indicator experts, another system was a bit hard to operate with. Traders were looking for the last S1 signals, if they were a loss then going for the short 20-day breakout was a thing to do. 

Average True Range helped them to calculate the stop loss, targeting the data of the last thirty days only. Here comes the second part, investing the profits back to the units scaled the process. Nowadays this particular technique is also known as pyramiding. They could reach up to four quantities of them, including the separation by a half volatility unit.

The Exit Technique

The quitting decision was a part of the Donchian channel strategy. Traders breakouts of the opposite direction made the turtles exit the market. Additionally, it allowed them to ride the trends for the longest period of time. When the price reached a 20-day low, they would exit the long position straightway without even thinking about the possible benefits. While a 20-day high was touched, all the closed positions were closed. 

Money Management System

We’re reaching the final explanation of the Donchian channel indicator mt4 theory. Before getting into details, knowing a bit more about the money-saving technique is kind of obligatory.

Turtles had up to 2% initial risks for all trades. You might be expected a lot more but that was not the actual truth. Nevertheless, constantly rooting for the pyramiding option had tons of disadvantages. If there was no chance of having a trend change its structure, hundreds of losses from the false positive breakouts would disappear in a matter of hours. Protecting capitals was reached by cutting the unit size backs from time to time.

Sometimes financial markets switched, leading to having the quick recovery. The quantity of the reducing units had been increased dramatically, giving the traders the opportunity to make millions of dollars. Nowadays rules are hard to deal with, especially for those who want to successfully implement the Donchian channel indicator mt4 strategy. Back then every 10per cent of the breakdown, the traders used to remove the risks by 20 per cent. In case facing the 35% drawdown, the decreased would reach at least 70%, depending on market conditions. 

Improving the Strategy

Forex Donchian channel indicator can be influenced by the implementation of the MT4SE systems. For the purpose of having legit money management techniques, other types of indicators would be added into the list of the plugins. Usually, setting the Average True Range to the 20-period timeframe and installing the Admiral Pivot Indicator would be enough to support the entire system.

There was no need of having Donchian channel indicator mt4 alert, ATRs were relied on while exiting the strategy. Remind yourself that the exits themselves can bypass the entry price, placing the stop-loss nearly at the multiplied ATR points. The idea is pretty simple, if the Average True Range is equalled to 50 pips, then the stop-loss would be located at the 100 pips location. However, the pips are manually updated while having constantly changing lower and higher bars.

Signals influencing the Donchian channel strategy

Most of the Donchian channel indicator Forex theories support the idea of setting the Admiral Pivot Indicator on monthly operating function, especially if you root for daily trading options. Standard price information was used to predict the possible change of the levels, including support and resistance.  Additionally, it allowed the traders to customize certain timeframes for specific calculations.

Technical Guides

First-time traders of the FX market think that Donchian channel indicator mt4 is the one and only thing defining the success of a system. However, don’t forget the fact that Richard Donchian, creator of the technique himself, was an expert in money management systems. 

Even the rules that he had been working with, still are used in today’s FX world by millions of traders worldwide. The market itself unties the collection of the human’s behaviours. That’s the reason why taking some time to learn the management concepts is key to finding success.

How Channels Work

To summarize, Donchian channel indicator plots the lower and upper price points. Then the user is asked to write down the number of times he or she wants the indicators to look back. Then it automatically calculates the highest and lowest rates from the given timeframe, showing the result onto the figure chart dashboard.

Talking About the Risk

Trading circumstances and individual actions are not considered into the application objectives. Additionally, past performance does not intend to affect the upcoming result of the trading experience. There’s no guarantee that the system itself will make the trader a certain amount of money, leading to having massive profits.

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