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by Michael on March 21st, 2018

Can CoinMeet (MEE) price get past the $1 in 2018?

CoinMeet altcoin whose ticker symbol is MEE was launched in 2018. The team behind this cryptocurrency will offer users a seamless multiple asset management platform. This will be achieved through the use of a social wallet which will be powered by a cross-chain adaptor. A user of the crypto can deposit, receive and transfer as well as enjoy many features on their Smartphones when they download the CoinMeet wallet.

CoinMeet coin

CoinMeet is a revolutionary multi-asset management platform which is based on a cross-chain adaptor. The goal of the crypto is to serve the encrypted digital economic society of today and the future.

How does CoinMeet work?

CoinMeet is designed to let people interact with their social media groups. In the interactions, people can conduct both personal and business transactions. Members will come up with special distribution channels for their assets. They will thereafter decide on the rewards to give and also the charges for the digital assets they will be transacting. Users will gain bonuses and the value will be determined by what a stakeholder has.

The developers of this platform assure users that the chat conversations conducted on the platform get end-to-end encryption. This certainly makes the conversations here secure and safe. A reader gets a screenshot notification guarantee which enables him/ her to reply immediately to the received message. This reduces the risk of exposing the conversations to unwanted parties. When it comes to storage of data on the users, CoinMeet also employs artificial intelligence on the blockchain technology.

CoinMeet altcoin

Features that make this crypto stand out

CoinMeet lets users transact in a secure environment. Additionally, the platform can serve as a socializing network where people of the same mindset get to meet. In general, the cryptocurrency is made up of three parts namely; the digital passport, the cryptocurrency distribution and the social media section. According to the team behind the crypto, when you join, you get to enjoy a wallet which covers all your needs. In the end, the platform will help improve long-term relations, promote secure transactions, privacy in conversations and better business deals.

The performance of the cryptocurrency

This crypto is among the newest in the market. Until February 9th, the market cap of MEE was at zero. On that day, the price of the coin was $0.07 even though it was higher at the start of the month. When the crypto was fully launched, the market cap shot up to reach a high of $21 million within a few days. The price also surged to pass the $0.1 mark. In the following days leading to March 21st, the crypto dropped in value to trade at around $0.03. However, from 18th of March, there was some improvement and the coin rose to reach $0.047 in late morning hours of Wednesday. Volumes traded at the time stood at $90 million while the market cap was $9 million.

CoinMeet charts

The performance for the remainder of the year

CoinMeet is a unique cryptocurrency but just like Bitcoin and many of the altcoins, it is very volatile. The platform promises the users a mobile-friendly, multi-purpose platform which will satisfy both personal and business needs. The wallet of the crypto is well designed. However, unlike Litecoin, this coin is very new for a person to fully go by what the company says. After all, there are many ICOs which have ended up not delivering the heaven they had promised their clients.



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