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What should you know about Revain cryptocurrency?

Revain cryptocurrency is one of the new alternative currencies to be introduced in the already hyper crypto market. This altcoin is a new generation feedback platform based on blockchain technology. According to Revain’s official website, its blockchain does not allow change or deletion of reviews and its authors get a reward for creating it. The blockchain has been used to create an economic model. This model lets the users stay active and motivated because of the RVN token. The crypto also has a second token –R together with a nonlinear conversion mechanism. Because of this, the currency’s internal token is very stable.

How does Revain cryptocurrency work?

RVN coin has been designed using successful Ethereum crypto platform. This enabled the developers of the coin to create a transparent system which not only guarantees immunity to the platform but makes it incorruptible. RVN employs high artificial intelligence. The service is developed in close collaboration with hi-tech IBM. All the users of the Revain system get rewarded with tokens for every review they make. However, for a review to be rewarded, it must pass the filtration stage. The RVN system is trustless and DAO and smart-contracts will protect it from fake reviews.

Who can use Revain?

For a very long time, businesses have relied on feedback from customers. These reviews help build or even destroy businesses. It, therefore, follows that businesses must invest in a system where they can learn of the customers’ feedback in a timely manner. This then helps a business adjust its processes hence improving its performance and satisfy the customers. Revain system is meant to make the feedback job be delegated to machines. This means that if a fridge bought by a person breaks down, it will use the internet of things (IOT) and contact the manufacturer telling them what has broken down. In return, the manufacturer who gets a genuine feedback from the fridge will know what to repair even improve on future products.

When Revain system is adopted by a majority of businesses, the risk of artificial feedback will just vanish. Businesses will now get organic feedback which can then be used to improve the product a business makes or a service it offers. Because the system uses blockchain technology, it will be hard to delete or alter feedback. Moreover, it will become easier for technicians and mechanics to calculate the cost of repair.

Revain charts

The performance of the crypto

The 2018 roadmap for Revain is a bit tight. The firm plans to launch the RVN token in quarter 3 and release gaming reviews in quarter 4. Like Ethereum and the other major cryptos, RVN’s price surged in the latter part of 2017 to reach a high of $0.86 from a low of $0.07 a few months back. At the end of the year, the market cap stood at $160 million. During the month of January, the crypto has enjoyed a bulling streak which has led it to reach an all-time high of $1.96 on January 31st. The market cap passed the $360 mark on the last day of January. The growth of RVN crypto into something much bigger looks inevitable.


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