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What is Unikoin Gold (UKG) and what will be its rate in 2018?

Unikoin Gold whose ticker symbol is UKG had one of the most successful ICOs in 2017. It is a new cryptocurrency which entered the now vibrant and competitive cryptocurrency market. It is an ethereum-based crypto which is decentralized and whose token is designed for high volumes. The crypto is also designed to deliver high-security and affordable gaming and sports related transactions.

According to Unikoin Gold’s website, the goal of the team is to fuel a one-stop, all-inclusive e-sports ecosystem while using Unikoin Gold transactions. These transactions are tailored to suit the experiences of content creators, fans and players. This will help deliver the best news, games, analysis, betting and enthralling experiences.

How has 2017 been for Unikoin Gold?

The E-sports betting startup raised over $30 million in its initial coin offering (ICO) which was completed on 22nd October 2017. The firm collected over 112,000 ethers. Mark Cuban, the celebrated investor backed the presale of the crypto. According to the chief executive, Rahul Sood, the firm collected contributions from 112 countries.

According to the firm, Unikoin Gold is actually replacing another virtual currency called Unikoins. This older currency was used alongside government-issued currencies on the site. The start-up was initially started in 2014 with the backing of investors such as Ashton Kutcher and Elisabeth Murdoch.

The progress of Unikoin Gold

According to a news release made on November 14th, Unikoin announced the release of Unikrn wallet which is meant to revamp the overall Unikoin experience. The users of the coin can hold UKG in a secure wallet on the firm’s platform. This means that the user can interact with the ecosystem without incurring any costs. The firm also announced the introduction of Jackpots, which are set to replace the boring raffles which the firm is retiring. The gamers will enjoy the now reinvented Connekt experience which allows them to earn UKG while playing their favorite games.

Unikoin Gold

On November 6th, 2017, this crypto commanded a price of $0.318 and its market cap was $0. On December 20th, the price was $0.495 and the market cap $66.38 million. Just like popular cryptos such as Bitcoin and Litecoin, Unikoin has enjoyed the late year surge. It should be noted, however, that the price of this crypto has not been all vibrant when compared to other cryptos. This might not be very good news given that almost every other coin has enjoyed a big jump over the same period UKG managed a hike of only 55%.

What will 2018 look like for Unikoin?

The future of major cryptocurrencies looks bright. Unikoin Gold is a crypto which is based on a strong community of gamers and gamblers. The success of the crypto, therefore, lies mainly on whether the firm will be able to get more users to use the platform in 2018 or not. Judging by its performance in the late months of 2017 and the overall performance of the market, 2018 will bring good but not spectacular results for this crypto.

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