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ForexNewsNow | Published on April 18, 2012 at 8:09 am

ForexNewsNow – ActForex is one of the biggest retail FX technology and forex broker software providers on the market. The United States based company was founded in 2000 when the forex business was still in its infancy. This means that ActForex is one of the first companies of this kind, having experience in the business beyond any other competitor.

The most important product released by the company is the ActTrader. This product continues to be the major offering of the company, but during the years many other products and services were launched that are aimed at many of the aspects of the trading business.

ActForex and its products revolutionized the industry by allowing private companies that intended to offer trading services to expand their operations. Previously only banks and major international companies were able to offer trading services, but ActForex majorly contributed to the rise of online trading.

One of the major advantages of using the forex broker platforms of this company is independence. Using the services of ActForex will enable brokers to concentrate on the most important aspects of their companies such as business management and goals. All the technical details will be taken care of by ActForex itself.

ActForex Products

Since 2000, ActForex developed many different products aimed at various markets and companies. The most prominent product developed by the company is the ActTrader that is currently being used by a very large number of forex brokers, most of them famous names on the market.

Besides the ActTrader, ActForex supplies various other products such as mobile apps for iPhone and Android, iPad and other forex broker software platforms. Check below to see the most popular ActForex products.


The ActTrader forex broker platform offers a complete solution for forex brokers by providing them forex software with a large number of features and easy to use navigation. The overview of the ActTrader platform is very intuitive and easy to understand.

The ActTrader platform is one of the few forex broker interfaces on the market that can be fully customized by the trader. This means that all the charts, menus and graphs available can be resized and repositioned according to the user’s preference.

ActTrader forex software

Making trades using the ActTrader interface is very easy. This can be done by selecting the desired currency pair after which the trader will have to press either the “Buy” or “Sell” button. This process becomes several times easier if the trader customizes the interface in such a way that it shows all the available trading options and various statistic graphs in the same window.

ActForex also boasts FXapps, which is its own app store where traders buy and integrate various forex trading applications developed by third parties made specifically for the ActTrader platform.

Some of the biggest names in the forex trading industry use the ActTrader platform. Some of these companies are FX Club, AvaFX, ForexYard and others.


The ActWebTrader is one of the newest products of ActForex that allows forex traders to trade using their browsers. The ActWebTrader platform contains all the features available in the regular ActTrader platform, with the only major difference being the fact that this platform doesn’t have to be downloaded.

The fact it doesn’t have to be downloaded means that it can be accessed virtually from any computer with internet access. This is a huge advantage to those who often travel a lot or use multiple computers and they don’t wish to install a third-party application on all of them.

Actforex trading interface

The interface of the ActWebTrader is almost identic with the ActTrader interface. The only difference is that traders will not be able to customize the platform and move individual windows to different places. This is obviously because the ActWebTrader is a browser-based platform. To compensate this, ActWebTrader has several improvements such as a more detailed navigational menu advances design.

Like the regular ActTrader platform, the ActWebTrader is also used by many major forex brokers on the market. Some of these include names like ForexClub, CurrenEx, AvaFX, FXall and others.

ActVAT: Visual Algorithmic Trading 

For many years already traders were used to automated trading that executes all kinds of operations for them. The ActVAT platform, however completely revolutionized the industry by allowing traders without any programing skills whatsoever to be able to trade through the help of sophisticated trading algorithms.

ActForex algorithmic trading

The ActVAT trading platform allows traders to create automated trading strategies based on charts, historic developments, trend lines, current rates, previously adjusted price levels and much more. All this is possible by using the simple to understand and easy to navigate ActVAT platform.

ActPhone, ActPad and ActDroid

The ActPhone, ActPad and ActDroid software platforms were designed for the iPhone, iPad and Android-based devices. They all contain the features and functionality of the ActTrader and ActWebTrader platforms, making it easy for traders to trade anytime and anywhere.

actForex android forex app

The navigation of the three platforms is almost identic, but they somewhat differ from the navigation of the regular ActTrader platform. Despite this, they are very intuitive and easy to use. They provide detailed charts and market analysis tools and allow traders to rapidly place orders with a simple touch of the screen.


Many prominent online forex brokers have decided to use the platforms developed by ActForex. Just recently, news emerged that major forex broker FCStone decided to integrate the ActForex platform into its system. This allows the company to provide its users with one of the most efficient forex platforms on the market.

ActForex provides one of the most comprehensive forex broker trading platform portfolios on the market. Their products were specially designed to address a large customer base and allow traders to trade from multiple devices and platforms, such as computers, browsers, tablets and smartphones.

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